Week 5 NFL Picks and Predictions for Giants, Jets, Falcons, Chargers

Same old tune for J-E-T-S.

LAS VEGAS, NM – October, the month where NFL domestic abusers pay homage to women’s plight against breast cancer by displays of pink shoes, towels, and wristbands. Nothing says, “I’m sorry, Honey.” quite like the NFL’s month-long tribute to this dreaded disease. I make weekly picks here and am therefore always allowed to “pick on” or “pile on” the NFL as I see fit and after another unwatchable Thursday Night game in Green Bay, here’s hoping today’s slate makes up for all what currently ails this sport. The four picks last week yielded a split and while I’m not making friends here, I’m also keeping the murderers at bay. I am making a following at a 71% winning rate at The Gamblers Source, where my top plays are posted every Sunday by 10:00 a.m. This week’s local action will go as follows…

NEW YORK GIANTS -4′ (50′) versus Atlanta Falcons
I’ve never watched Arena Football League games but I get the gist it’s a lot like watching an Atlanta Falcons home game; indoors, loud arena, lots of scoring, and no defense whatsoever. Three of the Falcons four games have averaged seventy points scored. Seventy points! This week the Falcons pinball show travels to Joisey, where the once impotent and/or incompetent Giants offense has penetrated the end zone for a combined 75 points over the last two games and produced wins each time. Yeah, the Big Blue faithful is a bit giddy but the W’s were against the Houston Texans and Washington Redskins (yes, I said Redskins) and career turnover prone quarterbacks in Ivy League Fitzpatrick and Kirk Cousins. Matt Ryan is a step and a half above these blokes and has the weapons to put pressure on the Giants suspect defense and will in turn force Eli Manning to keep pace on the scoreboard.  Upset alert.
Score: Atlanta 27, Giants 20
The Picks: Atlanta +4′ and UNDER 50′

Sink the pink
Sink the pink

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS -6′ (43′) versus New York Jets
Jeez, where do you start with the Jets?  They’ve been in each of three losses all against NFC North division foes with zero to show for their troubles.  This is also the same team that couldn’t shake loose of the lowly Raiders in Week #1.  A 1-4 record after five games certainly spells doom in the NFL and that is staring Gang Green in the punim – if they can’t pull themselves out of the fire in San Diego later today.  The Chargers and QB Phillip Rivers have been impressive thus far, with the only blemish a one-point loss to undefeated Arizona on opening week.  The Bolts beat the Super Bowl champs by nine and show steadiness in an otherwise week-to-week NFL with underwhelming personnel… but a unit buying into the team concept.  Steady winners against steady losers is how one can bill this match-up.  A tall order is expecting a Jets victory but there should be enough desperation within the locker room for a cover.  Nick Folk continues to be the Jets offensive MVP.
Score: San Diego 20, Jets 16
The Picks: Jets +6′ and UNDER 43′

Come back tomorrow for a man that Picks avocados in his yard, West Coast Craig.

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