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Nick Mangold standing in front of a replica of my ATM Card
Nick Mangold standing in front of a replica of my ATM Card
Mangold standing in front of my ATM Card

EL BARIO, BRONX – Yours truly, Sports Deacon Blaber, knows the plight of the suffering fan. The pain of the wanting fan is something with which I am well acquainted, for I am one. Yours faithfully supports all New York teams and we all know… that they suck. More painful still, yours blindly chose to be a fan of Gang Green. With that here is Part 1 on my Jets Fan Diaries… and some stuff on Adrian Peterson.

The Jets were the first local team I supported. I was 6 and liked the color green. They were the first American sports team I saw and it was 1985 (or maybe 86) and they didn’t quite suck yet. Yes! The Giants won the Super Bowl in Jan 1987, so I should have been a Giants fan. BUT the Jets were the team I saw first and I was told they were the city’s second team. I always have – and will – love an underdog. And I chose the second team in Accra, so why wouldn’t I do the same in ‘Merica?! Full Disclosure, though: That underdog team I rooted for aback in Accra got relegated out of the premier division and are now in the third division! Boy! Can I pick them.

But back to the Jets…

It seemed like an easy choice. It was a mistake. My next major mistake came when I was getting a new bank card after my divorce. I was asked if I wanted one of the new sports fans one, so I said yes! They said Jets or Giants? With a fool’s pride and ambition, I trumpeted Jets! Who knew? Anyway, since the Jets went back to sucking the last two years, here are some of the reactions to my proudly whipping out my Jets MasterCard to pay a tab:

Dunkin Donuts Cashier Girl: Oh, word! Damn! I like them too but not sure I would do the card. Tell you what, here is a free donut, just for that. They have to get better eventually.
Planet Fitness Male cashier: That is some real love right there bro! Not sure I could support them.
Subway (sandwich place) Male Cashier: They are such bums, I wish I could reject this card.
Small Bistro Male Cashier:  Laughter and shaking of the head.
Male Bartender: Damn, dude! Why!?! I guess we all have made some bad choices.
Co-worker (as I buy us coffee): Really Bro! Well I am a Cubs fan, so no big deal.
Female bartender: Here. Just for that I will buy you shot.

Is Adrian Peterson is
Is Adrian Peterson coming back?

The list goes on and on but I will fill you on that stuff another day. The epiphany I had is that I am like the dude who paints his face. But I don’t believe in face-painting for a game. Never have and never will. And nobody wants to say that is their good friend. However, by getting the Jets ATM Card, I became that face-painter. [I now expect to be shunned by the MTM staff].

Enough of the Jets Fan Diaries for now, though.

Let’s end with a some Adrian Peterson StuffThe NFL denies Adrian Peterson’s appeal, upholds suspension. Apparently, Appeals Officer Harold Henderson had worked for over two decades in the NFL offices. He then had the nerve to drop this gem: “This case is arguably one of the most egregious cases of domestic violence in NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s nine-year tenure.” What is egregious is this whole system and expecting the NFL to admit it was wrong. It has me a horse’s breath away from cutting up my beloved ATM card and not watching football. I don’t need to fund this kind of arrogance.

But back to ‘Merica:

And with that gem, I will say that’s it for now. Comeback tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin .

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