Peyton Place, NFL, Rangers vs Isles and NCAA Homework?

I'm going to eat Brady
We'll be watching the SuperBowl on our phone.
We’ll be watching the Super Bowl on our phone.

NFL REPLAY OFFICE – Every NFL player understands that at some point, it will be the end of the road. Some take longer than others. Does Peyton Manning ? Does he get that there is a changing of the guard going on around the league and it’s playing out right before our eyes?

While the CHOWDA Heads  would love to see Tommy Brady and his bunch, bring the Lombardi  back to New England, many are looking forward to new rivalries.

Andrew did not need too much Luck to add his name to the long list of QB’s to pee on Peyton’s goal of catching little brother Eli Gump in the Manning Lord of the Rings. It’s got to be depressing to end a career filled with statistical records, only to be reminded  that your spastic little brother has the upper hand on daddy’s mantel… at every family function.

But hold on, there is an excuse being circulated after  yet another PPC (Peyton Playoff Collapse). The “word” was that Manning had been playing over the last month with a torn quad. Even so, most realists can see that his big game performances were as bad as a Papa John’s Pizza.

I'm going to eat Brady
I’m going to eat Brady

So…. With the unlikely chance that the Packers will go to Seattle and knock off Russell Wilson and That Defense, one must pull for the  Geico Caveman Andrew Luck and the Colts to create a new battle between two young guns with similar but different styles.  It’s ironic that the same team who showed The Sheriff the door, shot him in the heart. The Colts may have proven, that when opportunity knocks via the draft, tough business decisions should be made. With his 11-13 record, Peyton has one of the worst playoff winning percentages in NFL history for quarterbacks who have played in ten or more games, I think it is time for him to ride into the sunset .

It’s hockey time… in my mind:  While I enjoy watching Jay Wright and Villanova Basketball, the New York Rangers have been my longest running favorite sports team. Back in 1968, this frozen-swamp-playing, Rod Gilbert-emulating, skating phenom, ruled the suburbs of Edison, NJ on the ice. And to this day, no other team raises my blood pressure more than the Blueshirts. It’s been over two decades since Messier raised that Cup! Think about this: College seniors have never seen the Rangers win!  Tonight’s contest versus the Icelanders will be a great barometer of how far this team has progressed since October.  They are fast -real fast – and they have learned how to shoot during Power Plays! image

NCAA Football Championship: Ohio State with a “3rd string QB, goes Duck Hunting with that 12-Gague and wins 42-20 the Inaugural elimination tournament, proving that Chip Kelly’s offense can’t win in college or the pros. Cardale Jones will certainly get his wish of not having to go to class very very soon.

Next up tomorrow is Angry Ward… I think.

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