March Madness For Dummies? Pick SUNY Buffalo!

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March Madness For Dummies: Pick SUNY Buffalo an Shannon Evans!

BUFFALO, NY – Having been raised in the metro-NYC area (on the Jersey side of the Hudson – across from the 79th Street Boat Basin), there was zero interest in College Sports for yours truly growing up. St. John’s and Seton Hall had a cup of coffee’s worth of success in hoops, but that really didn’t exactly steer yours truly’s attention from the Mets, Giants, Rangers and Knicks or even… the NJ Nets. And if even the Cosmos couldn’t get me excited about soccer as a kid, just a stone’s throw away at a rocking Giants Stadium, nobody will. Sorry, Grinding Ax.

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 12.25.19 AMHeading to the flat, white (gray, really) north of the of SUNY At Buffalo campus – a place where sports went to die – did nothing to change that. The football and basketball Bulls were D-3 (Big Al Sternberg can verify), and they disbanded the the D-2 ice hockey team I went there to try and play for in my soph-o-more (say like Keith Jackson – not the tight end) year. To say the school wasn’t big on sports would be an understatement.

So, other than using Rutgers Football away games in Miami, New Orleans and South Bend (in which they got destroyed) as excuses for boozing road-trips with Jersey buddies, college sports have never been on the radar as a spectator. This would be okay in most scenarios – but not when you head a sports website.

But thankfully, with just the shortest of trips on Al Gore’s Information Super Highway, one can find the tools to talks sports with the best of  ’em, and even formulate an arguably plagiarized March Madness for Dummies road-map. And one of those stops just happens to be in Buffalo!

With that, here are the picks, courtesy of the blurbs and fan voting percentages found on Yahoo Fantasy Sports, which is the worst usage of/context for “Yahoo” and “Fantasy” ever. It should be something along the lines of S.I. swimsuit models and volleyball. But anyway…

March Madness Picks Meet_The_Matts
To enlarge rub the bottom… Or click for the link.

And there you have it. As simple as dipping an atomic Buffalo wing in Marie’s Blue Cheese at Duffs – which is a lot easier than dribbling a basketball on a snow-filled road. Maybe dat’s why Da Bulls are so damn good.

Please comment below and come back for snide, snotty Cornell man (whose team is home reading) Different Matt tomorrow.

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