The Wave + 7 Line Army + Duda + Dark Knight = Mets Playoffs

Harvey Mets_Fans_Subway Meet_The Matts
Stunned New York Mets Fans can’t believe their team might be decent.

NEW YORK, NY – There is a buzz emanating from a place where baseball has gone to die for the better part of 7 years. Since that fateful, forgetful, Flushing final weekend in 2008 – when Tom Glavine pitched his last game for the Mets – the borough of Queens has been a baseball tomb. But with a sweep of the Phillies, an organic/spontaneous resurrection of The Wave, burly slugger Lucas Duda, a call to arms in terms of the Dark Knight pitching – and the likes of the 7 Line Army –  the New York Mets just may have enough to scratch out a post-season birth.

Harvey Dark_Knight_Fans Father_Daughter Meet_The_MattsThe Wave: Angry Ward and Cheesy Bruin touched upon this yesterday but weren’t at the stadium the other night. With an almost giddy reluctance, we joined in from behind just behind the Phillie dugout (it seemed to have started in the Leftfield Landing). After an “Oh brother, we’re doing this?” initial reaction, we were quickly won over with each new ride on The Wave. We counted 6. SIX! Indeed, CitiField came alive – and it was, dare we say, fun.

Lucas+Duda+Philadelphia+Phillies+v+New+York+I1ALHzIUmSclLucas Duda: Okay, we could take the high rode here and not mention that we said over and over and over that Lucas Duda would be legitimate MLB hitter with power – if the flocking Mets Brass would just leave him be… and get rid of Ike Davis. (But as Charlie Sheen said, “Winners don’t take rhe high road.” So, we won’t). The emergence of this now must-see, throwback lumberjack of a hitter would have come three years ago, had Sandy Alderson listened to our pleas. But hell, better late than never right? He is now one of two Mets that you don’t want to miss, him and…

The Dark Knight:  Sure, the Batman thing will likely wear thin over the long haul, especially when *D.C. Comics sues the Wilpons and Saul Katz for allowing the usage of Bruce Wayne’s reincarnation as Ace of the Mets, forcing them to cut payroll again, yet again. Regardless (“irregardless” is you’re an Isles fsn), the Gotham Mets and their fans have never been in more need of a Super Hero. That hero? Matt Harvey. Let’s hope he doesn’t go Harvey Dent on us.

Harvey Dark_Knight_Fans Meet_The_Matts

7 Line ArmyThe Dark Knight is only one Super Hero for such a large and needy city, though. And we’re weary from fighting the Good Met Fight for nary a decade. (Many Matts have fallen/fizzled in the battle). Reinforcements are needed. Sound the trumpets, cue curtain and behold the 7 Line Army. They have been at this since September 2009 and their  motto is, “For the fans, by the fans.” They’ve even earned MLB licensing and a kiosk at the ballpark! Now, if only there was a shortstop amongst them!


With these aforementioned “elements” in place, a good amount of luck, health and players playing up to their full/advertised potential, the Mets could steal a post-season birth and wake up a moribund fan-base that has been shafted/swindled too long. We know we’re ready.

Come back tomorrow for Different Matt, who will certainly talk hockey as his Yankees pay Beelzebub’s tab and wallow in the anguished cries of greedy lost souls in Hades.

Meet_The_Matts Harvey
Think being a Mets fan is easy?! Average age of this crew is 24.5… Thumbs up, Geezers!

*Tall Matt (thumb skyward above) was shouted down and giggled at for bucking the crowd and saying The Dark Night was a D.C. Comics creation, not Marvel. He was right. Don’t tell him; he is snide and pompous enough.

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