Gullible’s Island, NFL Draft, Super Bowl Hosting Bullspit

GULLIBLE’S ISLAND, USA-  After further review, we are as dumb as we think! Now, before your comments light me up, I will present some proof.

Let’s look at last weekend. The NFL, America’s favorite NON Profit, rolled out their Draft Extravaganza at the expense of Chicago and the taxpayers. Just like the Winter Wonderland Super Bowl of NY/NJ, Roger Goodell and his band of tax attorneys outsmarted the political versions of Dumb and Dumber, Second City Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Donald Welch (Choose Chicago CEO)

Angry_Ward Gulliver Meet_The_Matts
NFL minions hold unknown city official for ransom.

While the pitch is always the HUGE EXPOSURE for the City and its businesses, the reality is that the NFL attempts to squash any advertising in or around any of these venues. It’s pay (Goodell) to play.  The investigative writers in and around CHI-Town have been stone walled regarding the financial info surrounding this cash bleeding event.  Smoke-screening the public by setting up non profits and committees with more layers than the Clinton’s financial disclosures, the League and Cities drug us with the lure of “being a part of the process”.  Ponzie schemes of sorts.

All the “positive visual” promised to the cities hosting these circuses, end up creating more negative press after the last tents have been folded and packed. Look at the Tri-State after the Seattle – Denver Bowl. When all was said and done, our transportation infrastructure was made to look like the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang of people moving!

Chitty_Chitty Meet_The_Matts

Not wanting to bore you with the entire Econmics of it all, the bottom line is that the taxpayers pay for these events and the NFL pockets millions.

Mayweather/Pacquiao – Who “Shoulders” the Blame?  Before we jump on the Class Action Suit bandwagon of wronged boxing fans, let’s not forget that the “I was fighting hurt” excuse has been a timeless ploy to suck us into paying to watch the EPIC REMATCH!

Imelda Marcos is still sore about having to return 280 million and some shoes, back to the Philippines in order to return. This also enabled Manny to pass her as the most wealthy politician. Until now?

With his socks filled with a new 140 million, he may want to seek refuge back to his island and never come back to the U.S.  The lawyers have already started filing lawsuits for lost bets, tickets and even pay per view money due to his post fight revelation that his shoulder needed surgery.

Rick_Nash Missing Meet_The_MattsLet’s be honest, are we that naive to feel wronged? One thing is for sure, the ONLY entity with any recourse is  boxing. They can suspend him but in the interest of sucker punching us yet again, they will be all in to allow a rematch. This sport is on the ropes with the cauliflower eared grapplers of MMA showing their best submission moves on   boxing .  It’s reality results vs a history of Jedi Mind Trick decisions.

By next year, the tiny widdle shoulder will be well enough to count another hundred mil at our expense! We are quick to forgive and quicker to forget.

Chime in with your opinions.

I have a recurring dream of Rick Nash and Dan Boyle with their heads and arms in stocks in the middle of Herald Square, being pelted with pucks by enraged Ranger fans…

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