Top 5 Narcissitic Athletes, Stanley Cup Bummer, LeBron, Card-Gate

Man behind the mask revealed.

CHESTERTOWN, NY – With another disappointing NHL season ending with the Blackhawks raising the Stanley Cup for the third time in six years, this Rangers fan must find a way to forget the past. I chose to spend some time in upstate New York searching for some wine/whine and looking for the escaped convicts.  Hungover, I found some good vino to wallow in my sorrow and realize that Henrik Lundqvist remains The King Without a Crown! 

As I watch Yaphet Koto coach the Nigeria women vs team USA, I wonder if Canada will adopt soccer as its new National pastime since hockey apparently belongs to the U.S. teams over the last two decades.

Edwin_Okon & Yaphet_Koto Meet_The_Matts

Card-gate – Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Ken Griffey Sr., who asked the burning question. Why would a team spy on the Houston Astros?  While I totally agree with that mindset, I believe that there is another explanation for this duplicitous action on the part of St.Louis, and it has nothing to do with brew.

Man behind the mask revealed.
Man behind the mask revealed.

Now it’s time for my Top 5 Active Narcissistic Athletes:

5)  Tommy Brady:  The Patriots and Brady are going to go down as one of the best teams of the New Millennium. History will also show that they would stop at nothing to get the edge on their opponents, ethically or not. Brady has worn out the “me against the world cause I got drafted so low” motivational story by showing his true colors.  His deflated balls have not deflated his enormous ego.

4) Floyd Money Mayweather:  Laughing all the way to the bank, this BIG Mouthed pip squeak needs his ass kicked. Problem is that nobody has been able to do it. I’m thinking that it’s going to take a judge to finally take him down and allow him to hang  with a similar personality, like,  The Juice.  That would be one hell of a cell block!

3)  Tiger Woods: America loves a good Rags to Riches and back again story.  The problem for Tiger is that as he rose to the top, he lost any humility that he had. His back problems may be attributed to his off the links workouts. He had a tiger in his pants, um I mean his tank that ran away with his brain and now most people are enjoying his tumble.

2) Alex Rodriguez:  The whole Mea culpa act was obviously his latest ploy to get back on the field to collect the outrageous amount of money that the Yanks were dumb enough to pay him. His spots have not changed.

1) Lebron James: There is NO doubt that James is the dominant baller in today’s NBA.  The combination of size and finesse is tough to contain however he does not dominate in the last five minutes of those big games .  But hey, he is the self proclaimed best player on Planet Earth, just not the most clutch.  See Stephen Curry.

Mazel Tov Matt!
Mazel Tov, Matt!

More on my Ken Griffey Sr. conversation in a future edition.

Come back tomorrow for another edition of MTM, produced by Hubit Chacockoff.

P.s…-There is a rumor that Bobby Valentine will be officiating Small Matt’s upcoming wedding.

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