FOX Idiots Employ A-Rod, Blackouts, TV Timeouts: Torture Mets Fans

KANSAS CITY, MO – The eternal optimists that we are, we’d normally be focusing on how it took the Missouri Royals in Mets Blue 14 innings and 40,000+ screaming fans to get a home win against a Mets team that played like Jerry Lewis on roller-skates. (Bing it, Millenniums). We’d be telling you all not to worry – that once David Wright realizes he’s the Captain of a World Series team and starts playing like it and Cespedes stops playing like the rest of us, all will be Wright, er… right. But instead, we’re writing this after a night of tossing, turning and seeing red, wanting to out the despicable idiots at FOX that thought it would be cool to have a disgraced Yankee as an analyst for a Mets audience that hasn’t had a World Series win in 30 years.

Did we mention that the unnamed analyst turned down an offer from the Metsies because they wouldn’t give him access to a chartered plane, signing instead with the folks at The House That Greed [and PEDs] built?

And did we mention that DJ Eberle answered our tweeting about it with:

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 8.44.42 AMOh, and instead of watching the game with fellow MTM Staff, fans in a bar or our 84-year-old mom (all choices on the table), we instead had to sit in on Apple Chat with a Mac rep in India because the “free upgrade” to El Capitan from Yosemite rendered our computer useless and cost us 14 hours of hell?! @Angry_Ward was so upset about our plight that he couldn’t Wright… er, write today. Wait! Los Mets have an El Capitan, that is mucking up the works too, don’t they?! #YankeeConspiracy

Hey FOX Sports: what, one of the Kardashians wasn’t available?! Is that why you went with the next biggest despicable human being to overshadow the likes of Mr. Met?!

Now if only the Mets version of Chris YoungMike Cuddyer – can show why the bleep he’s on a post-season roster – then all will be good.

Joe Torre world seriesExhale everyone. Familia will be fine in Game 3.

Mets in 7.

P.s… Wasn’t it just dandy seeing Eric Karros & Co as Joe Torre played Forrest Gump, keeping the game from being played because of FOX tv rights?

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