Free NFL Picks, Holiday Parlay and Chip Kelly Job Security

Chew on this...
Chew on this…

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ– I thought I righted the ship with my Free NFL Picks. Just like my selections last week, I was terribly wrong. Take a look back at analysis on what was labeled the Pick of the Year in the Tampa Bay/Philadelphia game; every point made saw the exact opposite happen. Call it my George Costanza moment. Please keep that Seinfeld episode in mind if you’re investing in the advice herein.

Wait… “Wrong Concussion.”

I had convinced myself the Eagles were such an easy winner, that a bet should be made. Two-hundred dollars – two “cees” – on the Iggles is what The Public Professor tried accommodating through two unsuccessful gambling sources. Best move of the day was not getting the bet down. Whew! How does Chip Kelly have his job? A home blowout at the hands of a rookie QB and Part Deux on Thanksgiving in a 31-point loss to the Lions. Philly is supposed to be a tough town so how is management standing idly by with a field general rumored to be unlikable by some players in a locker room… one said to be at sea? That’s their problem and it couldn’t happen to a better city and fans.

Before getting into the inevitable, trailers for the movie Concussion make me curious as to how the NFL will spin Hollywood’s narrative on the sport’s head-injury woes.  On the heels of news where Frank Gifford reportedly had brain disease from an NFL career highlighted by Chuck Bednarik dropping the anvil on the former Giants cranium, NFL public relations personnel will be working overtime.

imagesZZBR6VGZIt’s 12:37 p.m. and you haven’t made any bets because you’re sporting a holiday hangover and the tryptophan ain’t helping matters.  Wow!  Giants minus-2 and the hook?  Surely they can beat the ‘Skins by a field goal.  Looks too good.  But have a gander at the total …  47.  Hmmm.  First meeting was a fifty-three point compilation in a 32-21 Giants win in Week #3.  The OVER looks like a safe bet but not so fast.  There’s a lot at stake here with both teams expected to fight it out for the division title over the final month and a half.  Like a boxing match, teams will feel each other out for the first quarter and that is what keeps this UNDER 47.

You’re sitting on the cash from the Giants game and you’ve got the fever.  Thoughts of doubling up on a 4 o’clock game are running through your head and wallet.  Seattle is set to kickoff at home against Pittsburgh.  The Seahawks defense is ready to mug the Steelers receivers.  Don’t think twice!  SEATTLE -3.5 over Pittsburgh

Smith’s “Concussion.”

$100 turned into $200 or two into four “fazools”.  Now you’ve got the idea.  Sunday Night Football is where everybody thinks the Pats winning streak ends because of the Denver defense, it’s being played in Denver and New England limping in to play… Brock Osweiler.  Everybody will be on the UNDER except you because I’m saying take the OVER.  DENVER/New England OVER 43.5

storChristmas is coming and you need the money and some unholy reason to watch backup QB’s collide in the Monday Night game.  Let it ride, pantywaist!  Baltimore +3 over CLEVELAND, whose head coach Mike Pettine looks like that guy from Storage Wars.

West Coast Craig, whose biggest gamble is writing for this site, tomorrow.

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