NFC East, Knicks Stink Less, Adams Divison, Soccer

Sanchez (Far left), Bradford
Sanchez (far left), Bradford

EL BARIO, LA BRONX – Another hectic week is in the books and I’m ready talk about what caught my eye, like the NFC East, Knicks, Adams Divison and… Soccer.

NFC East: I watched the Giants blow their chance to beat the Patriots. Beckham makes his TD catch or that guy holds on to the interception on the final drive and it’s game over. Pats remain undefeated. I can’t wait for it to come out in 20 years just how dirty they were as a team.

I think the Giants will get better. Old Man Coughlin – who we all hope is in his final season with them – should have them winning the division since it is that poor… Washington has moved on from RG3 and it looks like giving the ball to “Capt. James TKirk Cousins was a sound move. They will likely battle the Giants for the title… It warms the blackest part of any sports fan’s heart to see both the Eagles and Cowboys struggle. Dallas is 2-7 and that is great. They will get a healthy Tony Romo back, good old Mr. Clutch (HA!) for December… Self-anointed genius Chip Kelly’s experiment is failing. The trade with the Rams for Sam Bradford has been horrible as Bradford is consistently broken. The Eagles will be jogging out Mark Sanchez (Yes! that Sanchez) this weekend. Wow, that keeps me smiling!

The kid might be useful
The kid might be useful

NBA: The Knicks won last night. That makes them 7-6. 1 game above .500. The reason Knicks fans are excited is because they got win #7 two months sooner than they did last year. That is progress people. At this rate they may even get to 20 wins in the next 2 months.

NHL: The Rangers are atop of the Metr..spit!! The Patrick Division. With 14 wins and only 5 losses, 2 by way of shootout. It is good to see the Blueshirts with a solid record. The Garden needs a team winning. And it has been the Rangers for the last few years.

Soccer: On the national front, the USA looks slightly better – doing the basics of World Cup qualifying. They won at home and got a tie on the road… On the local front, the New York Red Bulls have made the Eastern Conference Finals. The Red Bulls have never won it but I want them to win it more than ever because their newly created arch-rivals – NYCFC, who are partly-owned by the Yankees – are behaving much like a team owned by the… Yankees. They spent money on the best local American coach available. But after he clashed with 2 over-the-hill-big-name players who were bought in by management and forced into the starting line-up, they promptly fired him. Now they will bring a foreign coach to win the USA league, which is rare.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for !

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