Thanksgiving Sports: More Than NFL, Turkey Bowls and Jim Thorpe?

Uh… yummy?

PRAGUE, OK – First off, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. MTM Management has a TON to be thankful for, and it all starts with the best team of writers/pundits/regulars and fans that come on here through thick and thin, toiling only for their shared love and passion for sports… It’s no secret that all share their wit, insight and opinions without financial gain, and that means a lot. But getting back to the thick and thin part – today’s helping of Thanksgiving Sports will be sliced thin, yet hopefully dispel the silly notion that this day is for NFL and Turkey Bowls only…

Off-ice Speed Skating practice.

Ladies and Germs, turkeys red-hot about the stereotypes out there; that they’re only important one day a year and are basically just another excuse for the NFL to force-feed us over-cooked pigskin, after we’re abundantly stuffed, bored and uncomfortable.¬† But the cluck stops here with this reach of a Holiday Sports Column… Turkeys are more than just skin and bone. So let’s shed some light this and get to the meat of the issue:

Tom Turkey and his cronies, 720like another feather-wearing¬† freak of nature, Jim Thorpe,are mulit-faceted, multi-sport athletes that will be taking part in lots more than all things gridirion today. Oh, and we don’t have to remind you that Jacobus Franciscus Thorpe was the nephew of Chief Wahoo and that he was from Prague… Oklahoma.

Thanksgiving Sports Meet_The_Matts

Further did you know that our maligned yet plucky friends play soccer, ice hockey and run marathons? And that you can get up off your fat [blanks] and get out there and do something with them? Hey, nobody is asking you to be another Jacobus, but still… leave some of the pie in the tin today.

That’s all. We told you it’d be thin.

Happy Thanksgiving.

And this is for JG Clancy:

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