MLB Trade Deadline: Yankees Buyers or Sellers?

zack-wheeler-carlos-beltranSPANISH HARLEM – As the MLB Trade Deadline nears its new August 1st spot on the calendar, the question for the Yankees organization becomes, will they be buyers or sellers? As an older team, they don’t have much in assets as some other teams (like the cross-town Mets, who are fighting for a playoff spot), unless you take into account the type of year Carlos Beltran is having at age 39. Good luck thinking you may get a Zack Wheeler, like the aforementioned Mets did from the Giants.

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Bronx Bombers’ assets

The Bronx Bombers’ true assets are there are arms in the bullpen with Betances, Miller and Chapman. If you sell, those are the players most teams will ask about. Only a sprinkle of GMs will ask about renting Beltran but as I stated before, he wont fetch what he used to. Therein lies the dilemma: if you trade Betances and/or Miller, you trade players on team-friendly contracts who have proven they can pitch big games under the bright lights of New York.

Playing in New York has always been a different animal when compared to other cities. The one thing about trades, sometimes they don’t always work out. It’s important to have a good bullpen and with those guys, you have a great bullpen. That wont be easy to get again…

Conversely… if you are buyers, you look into trading younger players in your system to get someone that can contribute and help right away, especially during that stretch month late in September. Just to name a few, that means saying good bye to players like Aaron Judge, who right now looks like he could help the Yankees offense when he comes off injury. That also means bye, Jesus Sanchez, who we heard some much about as a Yankees prospect since he was 17. Bye, Jorge Mateo who is rising fast in the minors and looks to be something special. To get someone that is going to put you over the top, that means giving up a lot…

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When you look at these Yankees, you see a team that is struggling to stay around .500%. You see a veteran team, one that can a win game by 8 runs, then lose the next 4, while only scoring 4 runs in those losses.

BOTTOM LINE: If you ask me, the Yankees should stay put. They shouldn’t do a damn thing! Let the season play out as is, see what happens and maybe trade Chapman or Beltran just to see what you might get… but that’s it.

Being a buyer or a seller isn’t easy, doing nothing is easier.

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