B-Dubs Pinch Hits and Babble re Aaron Rodgers, Yanks, Mets Olivia Munn

It wasn't me

Matt Harvey is fine.

WESTCHESTER, NY – When they (the brass) need a pinch hitter for Mr. Friday, aka Different Matt, they call in B-Dubs. Different Matt misses so much work, I’m wondering if he’s on the Mets. Seriously, what is going on with the medical staff on that team? Duda’s out for the year now, Cespedes golfs hurt but asks out of baseball? I guess the bloodletting didn’t work. Who is their doctor?

The Subway Series ain’t what it used to be, but it did have an interesting game on Wednesday. First, the benches cleared after a bean ball in Tex’s direction. Then, Robles melted down because he thought Tex was relaying signs to the hitter from second base. Here’s an idea, change the signs! The Yankees had just sold off a heap of talent but the Mets looked like the team that just gave up on their season. Luis Severino mowing down Met acquisition Jay Bruce on three straight fastballs made my heart soar. Dang, Bruce just hit a 3 run bomb, totally putting the buzzkill on my gloat. Harsh bro.

Big Leb Dancing

You gotta be stoked if you’re a Yankee fan though, they’re stockpiling young talent like Different Matt out at the Club. I’m not kidding, you should see that guy dance.

By all accounts, the Yankees’ farm season went from middle of the pack to top 3 after the new additions. When a few more long contracts expire at the end of this year and next, they’ll be well positioned to reload and start the next dynasty. Don’t listen too closely or you’ll hear the Mets’ window closing. How can you have so many quality arms and still stink?

That's a lotta arms
That’s a lotta arms

After watching HBO’s piece on Real Sports about the International Olympic Committee, count me in amongst the people who think these games really might be a disaster. A shipload of scientists have signed off on what a bad idea is invite people from literally every country in the world to ground zero of a virus epidemic and then send them back to their countries. Great idea. Oh, and it’s also sexually transmitted. Have fun. They’re counting on the fact that it gets cooler in Rio in August. Great plan. Also, according to HBO, they also spent all their money constructing facilities to satisfy their promises to the IOC and had to back out of their promises to fix the city’s horrendous water problems. Did you know that the reason the water is so bad is because a good portion (40% maybe) of Rio has raw sewage running through the streets and into the Bay?NastyTalk about messed up priorities. Sorry poor people, don’t mind the human excrement running by your door, we have a two week show to put on. Good luck to the distance swimmers that have to jump in that water.

Hepatitis is a small price to pay for your lifelong dreams, right?

It wasn't me
It wasn’t me

I had to save the big story for last. You know the one. Of course I’m talking about Jordan Rodgers, brother of star QB Aaron, winning the The Bachelorette. And apparently, Aaron is estranged from his brother and his parents. And maybe another brother. When I heard about this, you know from a friend, I figured the feud had to be about a lady or money. What else do dudes get bitter about? Word on the street is Aaron’s gf Olivia Munn doesn’t get along with the family. Is that true?

Asking for a friend.

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