5 Things I Think I know re: Gary Sanchez, The Eagles, Derrick Rose, Kevin Owens and Colin Kaepernick

carson-wentz-looking-like-a-real-deal-for-the-eaglesSPANISH HARLEM – This week has been tough for me but this is my escape from the real world. I get to share my thoughts with you all and I find solace in that so today I will be discussing the 5 Things I Think I Know.

Gary Sanchez – Gary Sanchez is back. We all knew the league would eventually adjust to Sanchez because that’s what teams do, they scout, they find your weakness and they make changes. What separates the good players from the greats…they adjust to the adjustments. It seems he has and that’s a good thing because the Yankees need him if they are going to make the Playoffs.

The Eagles – Philadelphia! The Eagles have themselves a QUARTERBACK! I know, I know it’s only one game but Carson Wentz was really good on Sunday. He looked poised in the pocket against the blitz, threw some really good deep balls and didn’t looked fazed at all for a first year player. There will be bumps in the road but as an Eagles fan, I couldn’t be happier. Even Barack Obama knows about him! 

Derrick RoseHe likes threesomes and foursomes. REALLY DUDE, I get it… we all have fantasies but man, are you persistent. Some of you may know this already but Derrick Rose is in the middle of a civil case with a woman he once dated. Text messages were exchanged that was made pubic and here we are, knowing way too much about someone’s personal life. I hope he settles this case because there are some things I don’t need to know.

bat15_photo_171-3471350777-0-0Kevin OwensHe is round. Recently Kevin Owens won the WWE Universal Championship Belt. I was surprised as many fans were when Triple H interfered with a match to help Kevin Owens capture the belt but I’m not here to discuss that. I’m here to say… Hooray for the Chunky One. I’m sure when people think about wrestling, they imagine big guys with big muscles, body slamming each other and most times it is but not with Kevin Owens. Just look at this guy… by no means is this guy fat but he sure is Husky. Congratulations!

Colin KaepernickThis is for you Babe! The other day my girlfriend suggested I write about Kaepernick. Her words, not mine: “You should definitely write about Kaepernick, that will get you clicks. Even I click on those articles.” She is right, so Kaepernick it is. I speak for myself when I say this… I support what he is doing and how he is doing it. He’s got people talking and that’s a good thing. He brought light to a situation that I myself have experienced. Not all Police are bad but there are some bad apples in the bunch and the less we have of them the better off we’ll be.

This article is dedicated to my Aunt, Antonia “Tonia” Robles (1940-2016)

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