Cleveland Indians: Terry Francona, Andrew Miller, Chief Wahoo. Root for Dem Injuns

CLEVELAND, OH – Baseball fans without a horse in the race should be rooting for the Cleveland Indians. End. Of. Story. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to comment below… Okay, you’re not getting off that easy. There’s more to get into, namely, why we are rooting for Terry Francona & Co to not only beat the Blue Jays of Ontario, Canada but to also take home Lord Stanley’s Cup… er, The Commissioner’s Trophy, which is the lamest trophy name in all of sports. But that’s another story. Here’s why we’re asking all of you mourning your team’s visibility on the golf course to… Root For Dem Injuns.

donald-trumpTerry Francona: This guy got the Boston Red Sox off the schneid, breaking The Curse of the Bambino and then unceremoniously booted out of Bean Town for Bobby Valentine. Who dumped him? Theo Epstein, Czar of the Cubbies. How great would it be for Francona, who got Manny Ramirez to hustle, to take scalp Theo and Genius Joe Maddon and give Cleveland fans two champions in a year, which would be the equivalent of a black President being followed by a female President. Wait… You get the point.

Andrew Miller: Thinking out of the box is mandatory for survival in a small market, baseball sinkhole like Cleveland. The aforementioned Manager Terry (not named Collins) has been doing just that, especially when it using comes to using his stud reliever Miller. This guy, as Buddy Diaz pointed out in his column, is lights out. What’s great is that he’s being used to “close” in critical situations, whenever that may be. Need three crucial outs in the 6th? No problem. Warrior Standing Tall will answer Chief Francona’s war cry…

Speaking of Chiefs…

Trumponian Political Incorrectness: For those of us micks who look at the drunken, freckled, fighting leprechauns that represent the Figthin’ Irish of Notre Dame and the Boston Celtics and basically giggle at the politically incorrect stereotype of our people, Chief Wahoo provides a welcoming wigwam. In fact, we can easily see Donnie Trump don a headdress (he can swap his orange warpaint for red – lord knows he’s been red-faced recently) and declare war on Toronto’s Blue Jays before conquering all of Canada! And, as Mrs. Short Matt pointed out, “How is Toronto in an American league? You know what? She makes a great point – they’re not American! You can’t root for a team from another country when it comes to America’s Pastime! Go Native Americans!

My dog didn’t eat my homework but he did lay on my laptop.

Finally, our dog Shasky McDush is officially a Tribe fan after Cleveland fan and Harlem Shaskys star, Vinny [Juton Horstman] and his lovely lady friend, watched the game with him last night. Moreover, Vinny had so much nervous energy while watching the game (and watching our mutt), that he cleaned our stove and did our dishes! And after the big win for his Indians, he took Shasky for a walk! Plus, our best player, Arden “Pro” McWilliams, is also a Cleveland native/fan and it was his birthday yesterday! See? Many moons are aligning for Dem Injuns!

That’s all for now… Feel free to weigh in below and come back for the inimitable Cheesy Bruin, who is still being a diva and apparently too important to comment during the week! [Ahem]… And please follow us on Twitter  @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

P.s… You MUST NOT root for the Dodgers.

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