Big Ben Tuesday: Super Bowl Prop Bets, Knicks Defense, NHL Rangers Outlook

Saving his Energy

WHITE PLAINS, NY – I expected Trump to make America great again, but not this fast. I intentionally lost a game of Scrabble today, just because I’m so tired of winning already. Speaking of too much winning, if you’re like me, you’d rather eat a roadkill sandwich with vegenaise than watch the Pats win another Super Bowl. But without the Brady-Kryptonite, NY Giants in the game, I fear the Pats are going to win and cover the spread. But I can’t bet on that or I’d have to root for them. What’s a guy to do to make the game more interesting? Prop Bets!

Big Man Gettin’ Down

Super Bowl Prop Bets: Even my dog Chief knows that the Patriots defensive game plan is going to start with shutting down Julio Jones. The Falcons signed Mohammed Sanu this off-season for a reason. His over/under on yards receiving is 45.5. That seems a tad low to me, with expected single coverage, so let’s roll the dice on the over. The Falcons have given up a lot of yards to TEs this year, I think it’s a good bet that Martellus Bennett goes over 37.5 yards receiving. The big man will be involved, unless Belichick punishes him for actually having fun after the AFC Championship game. And how about taking a shot that Taylor Gabriel will have a reception over 17.5 yards? With the focus on Julio, I think the mercurial receiver has a good chance of catching a bubble screen and busting it for 20 yards, dontyathink? And if the Pats do win and I lose all these bets, I’ll still be staying up what’s sure to be an awesomely awkward Lombardi trophy presentation. We’ve got that going for us. I don’t expect Brady or Kraft to take the high road.

Melo, Saving Energy

The Knicks: You’re driving in your car and you put on the Knicks and hear the score is 94-92. Sweet, you think, I can catch the end of the game. Then you find out there is like 9 minutes left. Your wife will be angry if you’re gone that long, your hope of a fleeting moment of sports pleasure is out the window. Maybe I’m nostalgic for the bruising days of Oakley, Mason & Co, but does this team ever hold anyone under 100? I think Hannibal Lecter could score 30 on the Knicks – “I puts the orange thing in the basket.” No? Anyway, I’m not sure how 5 teams allow more points than the Knicks. Except for The Nets of course, they should be relegated to the D-League. Supposedly the Clippers want Melo but they need a third team to make it happen. Getting rid of Anthony would be a Valentine’s Day Miracle for Phil Jackson and the Knicks, I give it a .0000001% chance of happening.

The Good Ol’ Days

The Rangers: I’m curious to see what the Rangers do at the deadline and in the second half. They’re deep and dangerous up front, but slow and overpaid in the rear. Do the Rangers mortgage a little more of their future and trade for a stud D-man and try to make a run? They do have young assets to spare, but should they give up a young player for another short-term rental? The view from the middle of the pack is scary, looking up at the formidable Caps, Blue Jackets, and Penguins. I would hate to see them break up a stocked young core of Miller, Hayes, Vecey, Stepan, Kreider, Buchnevich, Zibanejad, etc, just to get bounced from the playoffs early again. I think the Rangers could afford to be patient if it weren’t for the aging icon between the pipes. It was good to see The King bounce back and play well before the break, but he’s running out of time. I still think this team is a threat, as constructed, if they can get it going at the right time.

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