Big Ben Tuesday: Knicks Poo, QB Heavy NFL Championship Games, Jets Bare QB Outlook

Matty Ice's Turn?

Stamford, CT – There’s a lot going on in the Whitney house these days. I’ve got month old twin girls keeping me up at night, taking turns crying in a suspiciously coordinated manner. Meanwhile, my lab puppy Chief has been vomiting a few times a day. He ate a sock, it turned out, but he would immediately eat it again every time he threw it up. Yum! Darwin might rethink his theory, had he met my pup. With all that going on and the Giants eliminated from contention, it’s hard to ramp up the energy to write a column. But I’ll try not to mail it in. Good news though, Chief was finally able to pass the sock out of his other end. Even he won’t eat it again now.

Not my dog, luckily

Speaking of stuff coming out the other end, I was able to catch a little of the Knicks game on Monday. The Knicks annually honor the memory of one of the greatest Americans by getting their asses kicked on his holiday. (Editor’s note, the Knicks actually have a pretty good record on MLK Day.) Shut it Matt, I’m trying to be funny.

I have a dream that Carmelo Anthony will step into the lane and draw a charge. I have a dream that Carmelo Anthony will be judged not on his ability to score, but on the content of his overall game.

The Great Mindaugus! This guy could protect the rim, I’ll wager.

The Knicks thought about winning this one for a minute, but decided against it. On the bright side, they did move Lithuanian Superstud Mindaugas Kuzminskas into the starting lineup. Of course we’ve all heard of Mindaugus, the famed ruler who founded the Lithuanian state back in 1236, but who the hell is this guy?

Nice toss by Aaron Rodgers. I feel terribly for Cowboys’ fans. No wait, the opposite of that. I daresay that Rodgers might be better than Brady. His ability to feel the rush and move in exactly the right direction is uncanny. Throw him on the Pats instead of Brady and he might have more rings. Note to Jets’ brass: Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Ryan, and Brady are the four QBs left. QBs are important.

Matty Ice’s Turn?

The Donkeys won last year with defense, but that’s not gonna be the case this year. I know decent QBs are hard to find. But even if you think Christian Hackenberg is the answer (and if you do, welcome to MTM, Mrs. Hackenberg), the Jets are gonna have to be involved in the Tony Romo/Jay Cutler “Sweepstakes” just for a place holder. Anyway, the team who has the ball last could win both of these games. I’m rooting for Matty Ice, because he’s the only one without a ring, and for his cool nickname. My hockey teammates call me Benny Ice. Mainly because I fall to the ice a lot. But it’s still cool.

We’ll see you tomorrow for Angry Ward, a man who is not above eating his own puke. Follow us on Twitter at @benwhit & @MeetTheMattsInstagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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