The Yankees Starting Pitching, Gary Sanchez’s Future and Also More on the Derrick Rose Saga

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman. (Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports)
Old Pitchers, No Thank You!

SPANISH HARLEM – As we get closer to the upcoming New York Yankees’ season – which is how knowledgeable baseball fans refer to the  MLB season – some issues addressing about our beloved Bronx Bombers that were mentioned in the media or…. thought about by me. First, we will center on the current pitching staff, whether Brian Cashman should bring in another pitcher and the GRANDE elephant in the room, regarding new franchise player Gary Sanchez. Then, in a shocking twist, we’ll switch to the Knicks and the Derrick Rose Saga.

Yankees News has recently focused on Cashman informing the media that this group of players will be the team going into Spring Training. This season will be unique in that it will be the first season in a long time that the Yankees don’t go into the year with the mantra… “World Series or Bust”.

Will the Yankees bring in a veteran pitcher or go with what they have?

The Cash Man has been quoted saying that the Yankees don’t see themselves signing anyone to their pitching staff going into Spring Training. This past offseason was maybe one of the worst in recent years when it came to available pitching options on the free agent market and the Yanks were wise not to over pay for marginal pitching. A lot can still happen but it seems the organization is happy with what they have.

This pitching staff has holes to fill and pitchers get hurt frequently, so it’s good to have options/depth but the Yankees should see what they have in some of their pitchers coming up through the system, instead of signing a below average pitcher to eat up innings. Last year alone, we saw players like Chad Green, Luis Cessa and Luis Severino get opportunities to start. We saw some progression… and with Severino, some regression – but the thing I liked the most is that they let them play. That should continue this year; you can’t always bring in the best pitchers every year, sometimes you have to develop them.

The Big Elephant in the room regarding Gary Sanchez…

I know this might be premature but I’m surprised it hasn’t been brought up more. Considering how great of a hitter Sanchez was last season, do the Yankees consider moving him to a different position at some point during his career? As of right now, The Sanchize goes into this season as the Yankees starting catcher and a good one at that. He is also their 3rd batter in the lineup and as many know, some of the best hitters in the game bat 3rd or 4th. If Sanchez continues to develop as a hitter, how long do the Yankees go before they decide that he is too valuable to play at catcher, year in and year out?

Some have compared Sanchez to Manny Ramirez as a young hitter and we all know how he turned out (Sans PEDs) and I think it’s a good question to ask. A follow up that would be “Where on the field would you put him”, with Greg Bird and Tyler Austin fighting for a job at first base, do you move them for Sanchez when the time is right. I know DH is always an option in the American League and I think if the Yankees can develop another good catcher, maybe Sanchez can become your everyday DH, where you can preserve his health and maintain a longer shelf life.

What Happened…? I’m Back Now!

What to do with Derrick Rose?

This past Monday, Derrick Rose was a no show for a game with the Pelicans. From what we know, he was at practice earlier in the day but failed to show up for the game. As more news came in, we found out that due to a family issue, Rose flew to Chicago. What strikes me as odd is that Derrick Rose failed to inform his Coach, Organization and Teammates, which caused the team and players to send a search team to determine his whereabouts.

I am mad and frustrated (Angry Ward knows me so well). While I write this I get news that Rose may have contemplated walking away from the game of basketball. That can’t be considered good news especially when your teammates think you may be quitting on the season. It can’t be good news to Knicks fans who have endured miserable season after miserable season, to have a player that may or may not want to play on the team anymore.

Going into this season the issue with Rose was injuries but the only one hurt here are the fans (Nailed It!).

I will stop there since I don’t want to seem insensitive to some real issues that could be arising with Derrick Rose. I hope that the Knicks can straighten this out somehow because the season will depend on it!

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