Meet The Matts And Sports Haiku

MARLBORO, NY– We are an eclectic bunch here at Meet The Matts, with unique styles and viewpoints on all things sports. Today, in a somewhat negative vibe and as Junoir Blaber pontificated yesterday, I give you some Japanese poetry called Haiku as it relates to relevant sports items and some of the colorful folks on MTM.

new York baseball Mets
what happened to your season?
a quiet autumn

the new york Yankees
their youth is served very well
green, the new pinstripe

championship hopefuls
warriors and predators
yellow is courage

n.b.a. playoffs
spurs and Celtics are actors
the fat lady sings

zenmaster Jackson
if a tree falls in the woods
evergreens decay

dumpster fires burn
knicks, nets, mets, jets epic fails
new trash develops

giveaways draw crowds

David Wright Starting Lineup Figurine

david wright starting lineup?
laugh out loud funny

hurler matt Harvey
a legend in his own mind
point of no return

goaltenders stop pucks
kings rule the royal palace
talent is fleeting

go a’s he proclaims
carne asada a meal
we feast on wisdom

comic angry ward
the sports reader is lucky
Vikings are snakebit

short matt gets concussed
not of sound mind his dog thinks
where lost marbles roll

new father and groom
always ready to pinch hit
none fill in for him

angels in harlem
buddy diaz a denizen
no eagles nest there

ben whit fathered twins
Yankees are prolific, too
history breeds champs

a rangers fan he

Different Matt?

the roc his doppleganger

yanks make him diff’rent

i’m done for today

much less than five hundred words

new york sports to blame

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