Knicks and Rangers: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. So Says Sports Rain Man

Hot Italian girls-soccer-Meet_The_Matts
Hot Italian girls-soccer-Meet_The_Matts
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EL BARRIO, EL BRONX – Ciao! My good friends. I am filling in for my stunt double (the other bald black guy), as he is in Italia! So here I am enjoying my summer in the city while he enjoys his in Milan, Rome or wherever! Well enough of the vacation talk. It is time for me to role out the usual formula or the usual formula alternate edition.  From me you get a Song of the Week before we get to the Sports Stuff. But the alternate edition places a bit of Political Stuff or current events then the sports. It’s about A Good Deed Gone Wrongand the sports stuff this week will be about the next moves for The Knicks and The Rangers.

Song of the Week: So as part of my music playing app (won’t name them since they don’t pay me for mentioning their name) has decided to create a mix for me based on my recent music choices. Normally this annoys me because it often gets it wrong. This time it got it right.  The first track of the my most recent mix is from none other than DJ Khaled. DJs in hip-hop these days essentially convince a group of rappers to lay down a track on their beat. It is amazing they do that since so many rappers feature on the works of others but you still got make the pitch and the ask. That Khaled does and usually people say yes and his latest track is a nice fun. Don’t Quit is the name of the track and it is a pretty good track. Take a listen and share your thoughts.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: I got on my newsfeed today this insane story. I couldn’t believe this story when I read it so I did a web search for more and it got worse. Here it the link to the original article and the other articles I found on the subject which included the dad’s name.

Keeping the story short a bunch of losers, lost their kid at a softball game. It appears the day was playing softball and the mom lost sight of the 2 year old kid. A man who was at the softball fields to watch a friend play, sees the kid and decides to be a good samaritan and help the little girl find her parents. Apparently the kid is motioning to the playground but not answer who her mommy and daddy are or where they are. The heads in the direction of the playground, asking people if they know the kids parents along the way. The parents finally catch to the Samaritan and attack him claiming that somebody told them they saw the kid heading in the direction of the parking lot. The parking lot is in the same direction as the playground btw. Cops are called and they clear it up and prove that the Samaritan was just that. The couple are unrepentant in the attack, they can be quoted as saying “The guy shouldn’t have been taking the kid in the direction of the parking lot.” In addition to this they then get on facebook, posting the man info in an attempt to smear him by claiming the Samaritan was a kidnapper of kids and posting personal info on the guy to start a firestorm. This was followed up by a FB post by the cops warning about inaccurate reports and the false information.  Most amazing is the Samaratian won’t press charges despite having to flee town with his wife and kids for safety reasons. Apparently he has two boys and says he is being sypatheic to the parents because you child going missing makes you do stupid things.

From my perspective, it take seconds to find out what is going on. These people are scum and don’t deserve to be parents. It is not the attack that bothers me. They refuse to apologize and the FB smearing after they know the man to be innocent is malicious. If the DA can press charges without the victim, they should.

The Knicks: What to make of this hot dumpster fire of a situation!?! The owner meddles but has no plan or vision. The person hired to be the architect just left but the guy he appointed coach is still there.  They just drafted the best foreign player in the draft, Frank Ntilikina, a point guard then guard Damyean Dotson with the 44th pick and wingman Ognjen Jaramaz. Which can and cannote mean anything, the have a franchise albatross around their neck in Carmelo Anthony and the one true hope in  Kristaps Porzingis. Neither Cleveland nor Golden State were is this bad a shape before drafting their saviors. My only advice is for Knicks fans to boycott the franchise until they have a better product on the floor. Knick fans pay some of the highest ticket prices in the league and this team is not and will not be worth. They haven’t been since the Ewing-Oakley days and until that kind of productivity returns, save you money or watch TV.

The Rangers: The Broadway Blues made a few moves this past week. They decided to back on King HEnrik for next season without a clear back-up as they traded top center Derek Stepan to the Arizona Coyotes, along with backup goalie Antti Raanta, in exchange for right-handed, 21-year-old defenseman Anthony DeAngelo and the No. 7 overall pick in the NHL draft, which they spent on 18 year old Swede Lias Andersson. They re-signed Brendan Smith and bought out Dan Giradi. It looks like the team is getting younger on D and added some skill to the attack. I think these moves will payoff my worry is who will be called up from Hartford when the King goes down during the season because, in all likelihood he will.

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