Calling All Gamblers: NFL Picks Rising And Falling. NFL Teams To Bet On

Philadelphia Eagles,, Cheesy Bruin,

Chris Christie, MeetTheMatts.comMARLBORO, NY – Tomorrow is Labor Day and signals the unofficial end of summer; one in which we didn’t have the normal heat that comes with the season. In the sports world, the cool nights and crisp air ushers in the upcoming NFL season in four days and NHL pucks drop in a month. These are a few of my favorite things, along with the gambling that goes with the NFL games. Today, I give you the arrow up or arrow down in regard to the Las Vegas point spread.

The Philadelphia Eagles spend the first two games and three of the first four weeks on the road. There is also a late season December stretch that has the Iggles playing three straight away from home. Spending three consecutive weeks at a point in the year where bumps and bruises begin to manifest themselves combined with travel for two West Coast games spells trouble. These scheduling quirks will definitely play a role in success or failure for Buddy Diaz’ favorite team. For gambling purposes, the Eagles are a good bet against this year. ARROW DOWN.

Philadelphia Eagles,, Cheesy Bruin,

Something is to be said about scheduling and what a stretch of home, road, and division games can do to undermine a season. Opening the season with three of the first four games within the AFC North division the Baltimore Ravens simply do not have the talent to overcome this early onslaught. Making matters worse, the non-division game is against Jacksonville in London with no bye week following the contest. The Ravens have many question marks on the offensive side of the ball. Joe Flacco is dealing with back issues and may not be ready for Week #1 (Ryan Mallett is the backup), WR Breshard Perriman is nicked up again, and the team’s top running back (Kenneth Dixon) is out for the year. Baltimore will be forced to win ugly with their defense and are a good UNDER bet as well as an excellent wager against. ARROW DOWN.

Jimmy_The_Greek Cheesy_Bruin Meet_The_MattsIn making my OVER win total selections, on that list were the Cleveland Browns. I really have a good feel about this team and the direction they are headed. There will be some growing pains as is the case with young teams but I anticipate getting points with this team until they prove themselves up to the task and Las Vegas adjusts the point spread accordingly. Enjoy the Browns early season succe$$ by backing them for the first half of the season. ARROW UP.

Most or all NFL teams tie their hopes to their starting quarterbacks but none more so than the Indianapolis Colts.  Since they drafted Andrew Luck, management has done little to surround the signal caller with a professional quality offensive line and are now reaping what they sow.  Luck has been banged around pretty good the last two years.  In 2016, a misdiagnosed shoulder injury kept him on the field rather than undergoing season-ending surgery, which he didn’t have until January, and puts his early season dependability in doubt.  Already out for Week #1, I can see the team rushing him back and getting him hurt again on the way to a horrible record against the spread.  ARROW DOWN.

Come back tomorrow for a DJ Eberle pinch-hitter. Apparently, millennials can’t post columns when they’re on vacation!

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