Week That Was: Eagles Deadline Trade, Porzingis Erupts, Thoughts on the Yankees Manager

SPANISH HARLEM, NY – Last week I was caught in the middle of explaining why I wanted Joe Girardi back when the New York Yankees surprised the fans and media by NOT bringing him back. It was a weird feeling for me because I wanted to write about it as soon as I heard – but didn’t want to write a reaction piece. I’m glad I took some time to think to about it because I’m way smarter when I’m not Angry (no offense to you Ward). We’ll get into that, touch on the Philadelphia Eagles trade for Jay Ajayi and take a look at the Man of the Hour, Kristaps ProzinGOD.

The Philadelphia Eagles made a trade deadline deal for former Miami Dolphins RB Jay Ajayi. While many figured they would trade for an offensive tackle due to the injury of Jason Peters, the Iggles decided to make their offense more potent by adding a player that was a Pro Bowler just a year ago. Ajayi may not be having a great season but he will make a very good offense even better. When you add a player of that caliber to your team, you assume that the front office is all in for a Super Bowl run. That’s always good but as a longtime fan, I know not to get ahead of myself because again… they are the Eagles.

Many don’t believe this team is the best in the NFC. But they have certainly played better than everyone in the conference so far. I’m excited to see them continue to play well and hope that they can remain healthy going into the second half of the season.

What a surprise! The New York Knicks have been good recently! They get their 1st win of the season against a New Jersey Nets that out-played them during the pre-season and then reel off two more wins against the mighty Cleveland Cavaliers and the upstart Denver Nuggets. Let’s thank Kristaps Porzingis for that because he has been an absolute beast in those wins. The guy has just flat-out balled on these dudes, averaging over 30 points per in 5 of the 8 games played this season.

Many believed that Porzingis was capable of this but not this early in the season. I figured it would take 20 games or so before you saw THIS GUY. Either way, at the very least we get to see some great basketball being played by our favorite Latvian Son. If this kid can learn to stay healthy – and yes I do believe you can learn that – the sky is limit.

Update: The Knicks lost to the Rockets… So what?!

Don’t worry I saved the very best for last… or did I?

As many of you know by now the New York Yankees decided to let Joe Girardi’s contract expire and informed him that he would not be back as manager. This was a total surprise because fans saw him lead this team about as close as you can get to a World Series. After coming back from a 0-2 deficit to win the series against the Cleveland Indians, almost anyone would have bet that Girardi would be re-signed. It was an uncharacteristic move by the Yankees, considering how far this team has come this season.

With Girardi out as manager, many in the media have speculated who might be the next man to this lead team including Cam James’ list.  Though I’m sure Brian Cashman has someone in mind, it would be unwise to go outside of the organization. Change for the sake of change is not always a good thing. Most of these guys have come to spring training every season, seen the same people for years and some have great relationships with the coaches. Changing that structure may not be good. Also, you have think that the major league staff will change somewhat, since guys like Tony Pena and Rob Thompson are likely leaving if they don’t get the manager’s job. It’s definitely a weird situation to be in as a Yankees fan and I can only hope that Cashman knows what he is doing. I certainly don’t agree with his decision.

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