Cheesy Bruin’s Sunday Sports Musings: Urban Meyer, Beckham, Yanks, Mets, Eil, Darnold

Ex-Jets star blasts Ohio State’s ‘laughable’ Urban Meyer ban

MARLBORO, NY – As the sh!t gets deeper and deeper out of the White House in Washington, D.C., the sports scene is no different. Here today are my musings in no order or structure. Baseball is the only sport playing meaningful games at the moment with the division and Wild Card races ramping up. Hockey’s regular season is six weeks away while the NFL is putting to bed it’s exhibition schedule. Why do they use the word “exhibition”? That word implies that there is something of a spectacle before the eyes and believe me there is absolutely nothing to see at these contests. Case and point – The Snoopy Bowl was played at MetLife Stadium on Friday night and ask a football fan if they really care and the answer is assuredly, “No frickin’ way”!

Now, I’m writing this in advance due to a busy schedule ahead but barring Sam Darnold’s or Eli Manning’s arm falling off nothing will be remembered of the game. Let’s shorten the preseason to two games this way people aren’t getting snookered into purchasing something far less than a high school football game.

Ex-Jets star blasts Ohio State’s ‘laughable’ Urban Meyer ban
Ex-Jets star blasts Ohio State’s ‘laughable’ Urban Meyer ban

And Urban Meyer’s slap-on-the-wrist suspension is laughable, Three games. And I don’t care to know who Thee Ohio State University is playing but it’s probably the early season powerhouse schedule of a bunch of Eastern Illinois and Ohio Universities. You know the type of September competition where a head coach is barely needed. I’ll still root for the Buckeyes but Meyer should have been well-done toast over this whole domestic abuse fiasco. Money talks and bullsh!t always walks.

I see the Staten Island Little Leaguers made a host of Dominic Smith-like plays on high pop flies that cost them in their elimination game against a Georgia team that has an Odell Beckham look-a-like; the kid’s hairdo is the same laughable mop that the still unsigned wide receiver sports.

METS Dom Smith, Meet_The_Matts

And how do you New York Giants fans like your chances without the mercurial at wideout. Don’t put all the hopes into the Saquon Barkley bucket because hamstring injuries have a way of lingering for a running back. And what about hitting the rookie wall from overuse late in the season because you know Big Blue will feed a #2 pick overall constantly. He wasn’t picked to garner any dust whatsoever. The Jets will challenge the Giants for roughly the same amount of wins this year. Seven double ewes sounds about right.

I’m playing golf on Monday for the first time in about eleven or twelve years or prior to my back surgery. Wish me luck that I don’t get so twisted I wind up in traction at a rehab hospital near you.

That’s all I really got so come back tomorrow for Allen Robinson’s biggest fan, DJ Eberle.

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