What I Want For Christmas is Zion

SPANISH HARLEM – Today is the day that you wish for the best presents and hope that they come through. As a New York Sports fans, that means you want plenty. If your a Giants fan, you wish that the team drafts a quarterback that eventually become the successor to Eli Manning, and becomes your quarterback of the future. As a Jets fan, you wish that the organization hires the perfect head coach that leads Sam Darnold to the promise land and if your a Knicks fan, you hope and pray that they land the number 1 pick in the draft. While that’s a lot to ask for, it’s all very possible.

My wish as a fan of the New York Knicks, is getting Zion Williamson. If you have been watching college basketball lately, you know that Zion is a freak of nature. One of the best prospects to come around in years and early indication will lead you to believe that he will be the first pick in the NBA draft. He is 6’7 and a beast of a kid, built like a Mack Truck, with the unique ability to jump out of the gym when dunking a basketball. A man among boys if you will and someone you can see being an elite player in the NBA from the start. Nothing would be better than seeing him don the blue and orange.

I know people will still clamor for Kevin Durant and I will too but there is a very good possibility that he will resign with the Golden State Warriors. The Knicks fan base hasn’t had a good moment in years, the losing hurts and patience is needed but if there was a time to tank and tank successfully, it’s this year. The worst 3 records will have equal opportunity to get the first pick in the draft, at 15 percent the Knicks have to find luck somewhere, at some point because the odds can’t be always against you. There is not much hope on this roster right now, not with Kristaps Porzingis still hurt and only the gods knows if he will be back to the same player we all know and love. The consensus will have you believe that the right move would be to hold him out the whole year and bring him back next season, which may be the smart move if they continue to tank. Adding the old KP will make the Knicks better but that’s not something you want if your a Knicks fan. What you want is ZION WILLLAMSON, trust me on that.

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