Five Stages of Grief For The New York Knicks Fan

SPANISH HARLEM – I have had 4 days to digest the NBA Free Agency and the dreadful lost Sunday it was for the New York Knicks. Without taking too much of your time on the 4thof July (Happy 4th to you all, BTW), let us get to the Five Stages of Grief For The New York Knicks Fan over the last couple days.


When I got that first tweet from #Woj about Kevin Durant joining the Nets, I thought to myself, no way, this has to be joke. Why would KD follow Irving to the Nets? I thought he wanted to be his own man and wouldn’t be following someone to another team but would actually be the guy that everybody else follows. This has to be wrong, for the first time Woj got misinformed.


Fluck you, Kevin. Fluck you, Kyrie. And fluck you too, DeAndre Jordan. (Nobody even wanted you). All you guys suck and I hope you all die and go to the worst part of Hell. You picked the Nets over the Knicks, so I know you have no idea what it’s like to be in New York. It’s like ditching the hot bimbo for the ugly smart chick. You guys have to be idiots!


If only we could go back in time and tell #Durant not to play in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Maybe then he would be a Knick. He would still be the greatest offensive force on the planet and players would line up to play alongside him. Adding a healthy KD would make the Knicks an instant contender, no matter who they signed… Why God?


This sucks. My team sucks and James Dolan will always suck. This franchised is cursed and it will always be like that until I die. I will never see this team succeed and I will never know the enjoyment of winning an NBA Championship. This is one of the worst days of my life.


While it sucks that the New York Knickerbockers didn’t get any of the Top Free Agents available, they still have a young team that will develop and one day become a contender in the Eastern Conference. Angry Ward Calhoun: MLB Hall of Fame, NBA Hoops, Zombie Knicks, Horrendous Super Bowl Hype Week, Meet_The_MattsI don’t know much about the guys they did sign, – like Julius Randall, Bobby Portis and Elfrid Payton. I do like the limited commitment of the contracts, with each player being tradable. Every player signed by the Knicks this period were technically on one or two-years deals. Randall is the only player guaranteed to be on the roster past next season. That’s some serious flexibility for an organization blamed often for outrageous contracts in the past.

Maybe Durant & Irving wins a championship in Brooklyn one day and maybe they don’t, but at least I don’t have to worry about being pissed if those players continue to have serious issues with their injuries, as their history would suggest. Acceptance is good and it will fulfill your life, but imagination makes the heart flutter. I will always love the Knicks. I’m stubborn like that. But the day will come when they are on top… with me or without me.

Enjoy your 4th of July. Some people will tell you that we are divided as a country, or to feel some way or act another. They might say that people don’t love this country because we don’t appreciate the flag the way we used to, or we don’t sing as loud as we once did.

That’s all rubbish.

I will always love America, I just do it my way and just like me, I hope you do the same.

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