Replaceable Friday: MLB Trade Deadline or how the NY Mets will s— the bed once again


So the call comes in last night… its the chief…uhh Different Matt is on a plane to Iceland, can you do the column? Some charmed life my fellow pundits live, jetting off to Reykjavik on the drop off a hat. Concording to Paris to watch a soccer match. How quaint it must be. Me I get to drop one of my kids at camp and watch the other terrorize my wife for the day. Anyway in the non segue segue this brings us to today’s topic. With the trade deadline fast approaching lets count the ways the New York Metropolitans will blow it yet again.

Let’s start with the big fish- Noah Syndergaard. If it were the Yankees they’d spin this guy with can’t miss stuff for four guys who will be excellent for years and the other teams lunch money. The Mets? he will either be: Not traded and continue to not live up to his talents and continue with a 4+ era and get shelled whenever the team needs him to step up; or will be traded, but instead of getting the top prospects from the other side, the Mets will end up with the guy with a hidden injury history, the guy who had his peak in high school and the guy who we will never hear from again.

Then we have the curious case of Edwin Diaz, yeah remember the guy that would make us forget that we are saddled with the PED master for four years of decreasing output creating a no range black hole at 2nd base? Yeah well he sucks. he can’t handle the pressure of playing for fans who boo and care and now the Mets will attempt to salvage something for him. Not happening, this trade is now looking to be worse than Fregosi for Ryan or Seaver for a bag of beans. Every single piece traded is soaring while the Mets haul is in the garbage chute. Its almost uncanny, but then you remember who we are dealing with. My prediction neither of these guys gets traded as much as I’d like them to be bold. Boldness is a not a suit the Mets possess.

Instead they will trade the players who will be free agents next year- Frazier, Vargas, and Wheeler. These trades will amount to salary dumps and bring back nothing. Whats the point? I think we are at the moment in Groundhog Day where Bill Murray thinks of a hundred ways of killing himself only to be returned to the hollow state the Met fan lives in over and over again…

Tune in tomorrow for more fun and adventure with everyones’ favorite baby whisperer, Junoir Blaber

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