Mets Bullpen, Josh McCown And Jay-Z

EL BARRIO, EL BRONX – That’s right, you favorite writer is/was in the Bronx this weekend. I went to visit me Ma! And… commemorate the 4-year anniversary of Dad’s passing. I had a legit excuse to ask to be shifted to the top of the batting order for the week.   That said, here is today’s menu: Mets Bullpen, Josh McCown And Jay-Z.

The NY Mets Bullpen: So, here is what I don’t understand – and I know I don’t understand a lot, like the importance of a deadline – so, ha ha on that joke. Back to my point: Mickey Callaway was a pitching coach for Cleveland when the Wilpons and Sandy Alderson  picked him to be the manager of the Mets, so why can’t he figure out the bullpen. Look cross-town. The Yankees are surviving just on their bullpen and big bats. All this shows is who Mets are easily fooled at interviews and the Wilpons always like a weak coach more than one with talent. The Amazins need a guy like Bobby V right about now. Someone who is better with personal and properly get them moving. I am starting to agree with Short Matt.

Josh McCown: The recent ESPN analyst turned 40 and retired from the football after two seasons with Gang Green. But Buddy Diaz’s Eagles needed reinforcements after both back-up QBs went down. So they talked McCown into putting the pads back on and doing it just one more time. McCown is the consummate professional and he is a good character guy. He started his career when Eagles coach Doug Pederson was still playing. The Iggles will present McCown with his 20th different offense, as he has had a new offensive coordinator every year of his career, which why he hasn’t excelled in my opinion but he has always done a decent job because he works so hard and is smart guy and can focus. I hope he doesn’t need to get called on but if he does, the Eagles couldn’t have done better.

Jay-Z: After being in trouble with the black community for blacklisting Colin Kapernick, the NFL finally found the cover they need in Jay-Z and his Roc Nation company. The entity will be in charge of finding, selecting and hiring the musical acts for NFL games. The social media black community is torn, with many feeling Jay-Z sold out. Jay-Z was a successful drug dealer who stopped selling once his music career took off. He didn’t have anything to say or support Occupy Wall Street;  so I am not surprised he chose a time to make money and I begrudge no one who hates him for it. But he has done beer commercials for Heineken and Budweiser. He is about making money and should not be one people turn to for moral leadership.

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