Big Ben on Lying Scumbags: Gregg Williams Uses “It Wasn’t Me” Defense & Bill Belichick Plays Dumb

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – There’s an old Eddie Murphy bit in Raw where he advises a man caught cheating to deny it no matter what. “I saw you coming out of her house!” Response: “It wasn’t me.” Well, the deny everything defense has caught on. A few days ago Don the Con blamed energy-saving light bulbs for making him look orange. It’s not tanning, it’s the light bulbs. Not to be outdone, Jets’ D-coordinator Gregg Williams and Bill Belichick got into the act last week.

When asked about Odell Beckham’s comments that teammates told him that Williams told his players to target Beckham (in a pre-season game for F’s sake), Williams responded: “We don’t do that. “Never done that anywhere I’ve been.” Record scratch. Come again?

Not only was he suspended for a year for Bounty-Gate, there is freaking audio of it. Dude, you were caught red handed. Man up. (Please substitute with a gender friendly synonym if there is one).

You question us, peasants?

With several Browns players like Jarvis Landry and Demarious Randall being openly critical of their ex-coach, it sure doesn’t seem like a situation where Odell is making it up or blowing it out of proportion. How in holy hell does Williams have the balls to say he’s never done that anywhere he’s been?

When a reporter tried to press and call him out on his Trumpian nonsense, he literally yelled “NEXT” over him. How much of this are we gonna take? Even in the sports world people need to be held accountable for their blatant BS. I’m pissed off.

And then there’s Belichick’s handling of the Antonio Brown carnival. Now, I understand him playing it close to the vest while they sort it all out. But one question could have been answered.

Were you aware of the lawsuit when you signed Antonio Brown?

Billy stonewalled and the reporter pressed, “don’t you think the fans deserve to hear a little more from you…”

The reporter might as well have been questioning the ocean, but he was right. The fans deserve at least the answer to that question. It’s not nuanced, he knew or he didn’t. But what the fans deserve is at the top of his things he gives zero f*cks about list, right above salads and Italian suits.

The answer that mattered came they day before when asked if Antonio would be a distraction and BB said “that’s the same thing you said about Randy Moss when we brought him in, so…”

Translation:yeah, we knew about the lawsuit. But this guy is a great football player. Maybe he’ll get suspended for a few games and be back in time to help us win another Super Bowl. That’s all that matters.

We keep letting them get away with it and they keep doing it. The league doesn’t care because those guys help them back up trucks filled with money. The fans are treated like garbage, but like an Iphone, we’re all too far in to get out now.

If there’s any justice in the world, Odell will have had 800 yards receiving on Monday night and Antonio will end the Patriots dynasty by having a threesome with Giselle and Edelman. And Gronk will break the story on Twitter. Fingers crossed…

And for the record if anyone asks you who predicted that the Giants would win 7 or 8 games this season, it wasn’t me.

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