Cheesy Bruin’s Not So Jolly Thoughts re Michael Vick and FREE NFL Picks

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BLOOMINGBURG NY – I’m really hoping the editorial staff gives me a pass on this post today since the subject matter hits me to my bone marrow. BISCUITIt’s just that deep. I ask the question: What makes a “man” a mother f***er? In my book, to be labeled this you have to be subhuman in the worst way imaginable and commit crimes against living things – animals included – especially those called pets.

For me, a home isn’t a home without a dog. I didn’t understand this until welcoming my “son” Biscuit, a spirited purebred Shih Tzu into the places I’ve called home over the past twelve years. Loyal, unconditionally lovable, and above all family. Most all of the staff here at know exactly what I speak as dog owners/baby sitters. That means you and those gargantuan mushes out in Arizona, JG Clancy. But what does this have to do with sports, you ask? Here’s the thread: It centers around former convict, quarterback, and said mother f***er Michael Vick.

Fellow animal lovers remember this sh!thead’s story dating back to 2007. Let’s recap some of the horrors he and his cohorts carried out against Man’s Best Friend during their Pit Bull dog fighting days at Bad Newz Kennels. This mother f***er and friends put over fifty dogs through violent and bloody paces to determine the best fighters. Those that didn’t perform well were shot, electrocuted. hung. drowned or slammed to the ground. The prized Pit Bulls were basically fed pet dogs in training much in the same manner Christians were fed to the lions. Sound like a mother f***er to you?

Cheesy_Bruin, Michael_Vick, Free NFL Picks, Roger Goodell, Meet_The_Matts

So he “pays his debt to society” (whatever that truly means) and I’m sure there are other ignorant sons of b!tches who will defend Vick for such. Bullshit! So fast forward to current day NFL. Amid all the upstanding athletes in this league there are a good portion of women beaters and drug/PED abusers. Commissioner Roger Goodell is culpable in the most recent controversy to have the ex-con serve as a game captain of one of the squads during the upcoming Pro Bowl. The fact that nobody pays attention to the exhibition game is little consolation to dog lovers, whose half million signatures on a petition proved fruitless (to this point at least) in having the mother f***er removed from the game.

We always hear talk about the NFL suits protecting “the shield,” as it’s called. Who was there to protect those fifty dogs? This subject was a past issue but here we have a former lawyer who should know better in the $38M/year Goddell, who is rehashing this black eye on the league. Aren’t public relations folk hired to relieve blights and resolve firestorms? Shit rolls downhill. I’m done spending money that supports the sports league and its teams. I’ll watch but they’re not getting a cent of my money ever again whether I pay for a ticket or not. Biscuit will appreciate it. And so will Griffey and others names of our beloved fur buddies.

Die a slow death Michael Vick, you giant mother f***er!

Today’s FREE NFL Picks:

FAVORITE: SEATTLE -9 over Arizona

UNDERDOG: CHICAGO +6 over Kansas City

OVER: Pittsburgh/JETS OVER 37

UNDER: Jacksonville/ATLANTA UNDER 47

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