Eagles vs Giants: Hate For The Cowboys, Chase For Chase

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SPANISH HARLEM – I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. For me, I’m super exhausted – but it was all well worth it.[Burp. Fart.] Buddy_Diaz as Elf, Meet_The_MattsNow that that’s out of way, let’s focus on the NFL and the last regular season Sunday if the year.

New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles: These teams meet with a lot on the line. A win for the Iggles puts then in the playoffs and the Giants would love to play the spoiler. On one hand, you want to beat your division rival but that may also move you down in the draft. The Giants don’t have much to play for at this point and fans know it’s a lost season, yet the draft can change all that if they are able to get the first pick.

Read This Story. After missing training camp, LT started and had a game for the ages.

The Giants don’t need a quarterback but they need a pass rusher. See the above photo. That impact player most would wish for is Chase Young and he will be off the board very early. He may be out of the Giants reach but a win would push them that much further. Meanwhile, a depleted Flock of Seagulls Eagles will be looking to put their best foot forward, as this up and down year could lead to a playoff birth.

BUTGiants fans and Eagles fans HATE each other and division games are never easy, no matter how bad teams are. Adding to the drama, both sets of fans HATE the Dallas Cowboys, who have an outside chance of getting in with a win and Philadelphia loss. This scenario presents many Jints fans with quandary:  Do you hate the Cowboys enough to to want the Eagles to win at the expense of your team?! Losing to my Eagles may be unacceptable in most cases but in this one it keeps Dallas out and your team in the Chase chase.

Either way, it makes this game one to watch.

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