Monday Morning Rainman: AFC Rundown, NFC Rundown, College Playoffs

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday once again, fans. Yours truly is batting Lead-off for a murderer’s row of pundits this week and we’ll kick-off by going back into the past with the results/repercussions from yesterday: AFC & NFC Standings & Playoffs. Plus The final College Football Standings and Playoffs.

AFC Rundown: The Ravens got closer to locking down the top spot in the playoffs. They won against a very good Bills team. The win put Baltimore a full game ahead of the Patriots for the #1 seed and home field advantage all the way through. The loss hurt Buffalo because if they won they would have been tied with New England for the AFC East lead, as the Patriots lost their match up with the Chefs Chiefs. It was a game where to everyone’s shock the big calls went against the Belicheats. We discussed this in the comments last week but if the Patriots don’t get a first round bye, it will be the end of their season. So the upcoming match-up between the Pats and Bills in Foxboro, will help decide the division and if the Pats get the top seed.

NFC Rundown: The San Francisco 49ers won an incredible shootout against the New Orleans Saints 48-46. It took a field goal at the end to decide it. It really just a reminder that the Saints are gonna be dangerous in the playoffs. As for the Niners, it just means a good season as I don’t see them doing well in the playoffs in their first very good season in years. I can not believe Dallas is inline to host a playoff game while they sit 6-7. It maybe Philly if the Eagles win tonight but who knows. This anomaly happens every few years where an 8-8 team wins a division and every time it feels like an insult to the laws of nature. Angry Ward’s Vikings are chasing the Packers for the division title as they are one game behind, but they are also only one game ahead of the Rams for the 6th and final playoff spot. L.A. kept up the pressure by taking down the Seahawks, so the Hawks couldn’t clinch and the Rams hold out hope.

Junoir_Blaber, John_Harbaugh, Todd_Gurley, Meet_The_Matts


The College Football Playoffs are set.

LSU has won the number one seed, which is well deserved considering their season. It was tight but Justin Fields and Ohio State were awarded number two and defending Champs Clemson were listed as number 3. It is weird that the defending Champs were made the number 3 seed but the two teams ahead of them did defeat more ranked teams and won their conference championship. The fourth and final seed fell to Jalen Hurts and Oklahoma. Hurts has an opportunity to play in his 3rd CFB championship game with his 2nd team. It would be heck of an achievement for him and would finally get OU some respect as a team that can win titles and not just a quarterback factory.

P.S… I don’t have time to get into it but the Knicks firing of David Fizdale was Mickey Mouse. You don’t give a guy proper ingredients to make a stew then blame him when it tastes like shit.

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