More Shockers From Astros, Tom Brady, Rugby Storms Our Beaches

NEW YORK, NY – It’s windy and cold out there on the blustery streets of the New York City. But we’re blowing hot here with today’s topics: More Shockers From Astros, Tom Brady, Rugby Storms Our Beaches

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT DEPARTMENT: Gosh by golly, it certainly seems that Alex Cora wasn’t the only crook in the kitchen for Houston’s diabolical sign-stealing scandal! What a shocker! According to deep research our MTM Staff spent minutes gathering (we clicked  USA Today’s Sports Section)  it seems like general manager Jeff Luhnow was front and center in… “Codebreaker!” [cue Goldfinger music]. This [allegedly] included baseball operations and video room staff observing other team’s signs and the subsequent pitch and entered that information into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet during games, with an algorithms  breaking down each sign. They players got the info and then banged garbage cans as per the pitch. That explains the old, dented garbage cans in the otherwise high-tech dugouts.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, “Codebreaker” was used at home and away in 2018, yet the Astros won the Series in 2017, beating the Dodgers. #MuchAdoAboutNothing

TOM BRADY – Okay, enough about this. If  Tom Terrific II does come back, he’ll likely get a two-year deal at 70 million. How in blazes will that be worth it for the Patriots? They need a lot of help offensively, and locking up $35,000.000.00 per year for an aging QB is not going allow for that. That’s pretty much what happened with Eli, at a lower level. Either way, Brady has it made and we can continue disliking him out of jealousy.


Rugby is not coming to America… It. Is. Here.

Cut to 16 minute mark:

And watch this WHOLE flocking show

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