Painkillers, Cespedes, Bruins at Rangers Means $$$

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SHOHOLA, PA – Here I lay, prone from a trip to the Bronx Zoo after a great deal of walking on an already balky back and legs. Muscle relaxers are doing just enough to keep the pain at bay and my faculties organized for today’s post. As Angry Ward alluded, February is a horrible sports month and no better in viewing animals in their exhibits. Alas, pitchers and catchers reported for Spring Training which means we are moments away from the first Mets disaster of the 2020 baseball season. Who will it be now? as Men At Work sang in the early’80’s. It’s not if it will happen but rather when and to whom. Mets fans have always expected bad things over the years and the fickle hand of fate delivers each and every time. I say we start some sort of pool on which Metropolitan is the recipient of a stint on the IL (I liked it better when it was called the DL by the way).

Cheesy_Bruin, Mets, Cespedes, Rangers, Boston Bruins, NHL Picks, Meet_The_Matts2

The Metsies have seen the majority sale of the team fall through. A new manager was fired before he even sat in the dugout. A second first-time appointee as bench boss was hired in the latest episode of How the Mets Turn. With a little luck maybe Yoenis Cespedes gets kicked in the head by a horse thus ending his career. I’m all in on the bad juju being cast upon Jacob deGrom, who has been relatively healthy to this point as the Mets mound maestro.

This team only makes the playoffs by accident every fifteen years or so and when they’ve enjoyed a stacked roster like those mid to late ‘80’s, they didn’t win as many World Series as they should have. I haven’t checked the Las Vegas number on wins but I’d take the under this and every year. No joy in Metville means no joy in Mattville as this site becomes a sounding board for beleaguered Blue & Orange faithful.

I’ll watch my share of games on SNY and Pix11 but I’d be surprised if I take a trip to CitiField, since I only get a meh feeling about this team even with some rising young stars. I’ve got hockey to watch until June so all is good.

Speaking of pucks, the Bruins visit MSG for a matinee with the Rangers today. The host will be playing their third game in less than four days while the Bruins take the ice in the second of back to back games. Wanna make a wager on this game? Try the over (6) with all those tired legs on defense even with the Shesterkin kid minding the net for the Blueshirts.

I’m done in more ways than one so enjoy the game and winning advice.

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