Tony Romo, Sanders-Gate, Garth Brooks, George Plimpton

Best part of being in Los Angles is NOT working for NBC’s coverage of the LA 7s... It’s hanging with MTM legend, West Coast Craig.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Sitting in a surprisingly nice Residence Inn suite in Redondo Beach shouldn’t have one thinking/blathering about Detroit. But yours truly is, which could signal it’s time for a shrink or… that’s just how we roll here on – we think outside your box. [Ahem]. Segue to today’s headliners: Tony Romo, Sanders-gate, Garth Brooks, George Plimpton.

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The term “failing up” is rampant in the American rugby landscape (yes, there is one and it has me in this pleasant suite). People doing mediocre or horrific jobsĀ  get promoted internally or throw cushy jobs elsewhere. Nigel Melville is one to Google in this regard. He went from CEO of USA Rugby to Director of Rugby for England. That’s like Ben McAdoo being hired by the Patriots as their GM and Manager – and firing Bill Belichick (that’s how you spell it, folks) to make room for him. [CUT TO] Antonio Ramiro Romo. Granted, playing 14 years as a starting QB in the NFL isn’t exactly failing but hey, we take poetic license here and I hate the Cowboys. Anywho, CBS just handed him $17,000,000.00 per anum for “significantly” more than five years. This makes Jessica Simpson’s 2nd Love the highest-paid NFL color guy in history. God. Bless. America.


We’ve all got friends in low places, just look at one of our MTM Staff meetings. But that cheeky reference isn’t where we’re going with this. In case you’ve been in a coma or in a cave, two things are happening: the Coronavirus is hurting Apple and Barry Sanders, Garth Brooks and Bernie Sanders are now in a Trumped-up political love tryst. See, Garth wore sent a out a Tweet on social media with a Sanders jersey prior to his concert there. [Allegedly] Grinding Ax Walter immediately associated it with Brooks supporting Bernie Sanders:

“If this is for Bernie Sanders, I’m done with you,” “I wish you would’ve kept your political preferences to yourself.”

NOTE: Grinding Ax is a zealous Tony Romo supporter). Anyway, Garth and Barry went to Oklahoma State. They have a history. We all need to exhale. You can still watch DeNiro and listen to Springsteen and stop worrying that we political differences. And maybe the Ax Man didn’t Tweet that – maybe he’s my cousin and I’m breaking his stones. We do “farce” here.


You can’t speak of farces and the Detroit Lions without mentioning the great George Plimpton. Author of “Paper Lion,” George was a writer/pundit/personality that actually got to take snaps as a Detroit QB. He lost yardage on each one. Plimpton also pitched to MLB stars, which he wrote about in “Out of My League.” And his creation of Sidd Finch (Google it) had Mets fans everywhere thinking they had the best pitcher ever… Oh, and the Cliff Notes on Paper Lion include Alex Karras, who missed the 1963 season serving a suspension for gambling on football game… and then returned to play. Pete Rose is shaking his fists someplace.

Come back tomorrow for fist-shaking Cheesy Bruin.

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