Major League Baseball Is Back!? Stars & Bars, Houston Has A Problem, Comeback Kid, College Rugby Draft

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NEW YORK, NY – There is a lot going on the the virtual and real sports worlds, receptively. Some good, some bad.  Let’s  have a looksie at those that caught this nut cake’s eye(s): Major League Baseball Is Back!? Stars & Bars, Houston Has A Problem, Comeback Kid


Okay, maybe I’m jumping the gun but while these very words are being typed, there is a new 72-game proposal on the table. The increase in the players pay is now up to 80% of the prorated player salaries  – if there is a post-season. It’s 70 % if they don’t. As per the post-season, they want to expand it to 16 teams. That would earn some more cash in TV revenue. BUT… some players are barfing on that concept and going all #OhSnap on it via social media:

Stars & Bars

This is something I honestly didn’t know was still a problem. One may argue it’s because I’m ignorant when it comes to racial injustices – and that has some merit – but really, it’s because I’d rather watch golf over NASCAR. And I hate golf… I know as much about NASCAR as I do bowling, darts and soccer. Yes, soccer sucks, too.  Anyway, Stars & Bars is the Confederate flag’s nickname. UNTIL NOW, the nitwits in the NASCAR front offices let it fly at events. THINK ABOUT THAT. What the futch?! This is as troubling a notion as any AND the most logical and easiest of fixes – but this should have been done when Lee surrendered. NOT THIS WEEK… Back in the ’90s the coach at Ole Miss told fans they couldn’t show the flag because it was killing his recruiting process. They stopped. Right result but the wrong reason. Hold onto your hats, I’m gearing up for a run.

NASCAR, MLB Season, Houston Covid, Major_League_Rugby, Meet_The_Matts, Matt_McCarthy

Houston, We Have A [Covid] Problem

Let’s put a pause on that rush back to sports. Six student-athletes tested positive after the first day of “voluntary” practice at the University of Houston. Up in this neck of the woods, West Point, as per their alleged contract (this was not vetted by yours truly) with the Uncle Sam, brought back 1000 graduating cadets 2 weeks ago to be quarantined… so they could graduate on stage together. It wasn’t about classes. 23 tested positive in day 1.  As Astro of  the Jetsons put it, Ruh-roh.”

Comeback Kid

While we’re hoping that super fan, cnc63 – who happens to be Angry Ward’s big brother and inspiration – recovers quickly from his health issues, we’ve got good news on that front. The Comeback Kid, Cheesy Bruin, is taking the ball tomorrow after surgically kicking cancer’s ass… a third time. That is like Noah Syndergaard pitching 4 weeks after Tommy John surgery. Remarkable.

College Rugby Draft

No, it’s not the game with the sticks. Rugby has been around globally since  a bored-to-tears kid named William Webb Ellis picked up a soccer ball at practice and ran with it. The other kids chased him and tackled him. Eureka! They had a new game. Granted, it’s the least creative name of something outside of Main Street or Long Island, as it was at the school named Rugby in the town of Rugby, but hey – it works. ANYWAY, the sport is here now. It was 5 weeks into its 3rd season when the pandemic cancelled the remaining 11 weeks. Did it cripple the league? No. The owners – and there are some very wealthy ones in the mix – PAID THE PLAYERS & COACHES, full-freight. They then launched a virtual rugby game to keep fans engaged – before anyone else on the planet. TODAY, is their first-ever College Rugby Draft, replete with trading up and swapping cap space and foreign player slots. You need to go to game with someone to explain the basics. It’s like hockey in person, as per hockey on TV. You’re in and out in 2 hours tops. STOP FIGHTING IT.

That’s all for today. Comment below, say hello to someone you don’t know and comeback tomorrow for The Comeback Kid.

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