Let’s Go, Mets Go! Not This Year. Plus More on A-Rod & J-Lo

Cheesy_Bruin, Mets, Cespedes, Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, Rich Perlongo, Wilpon, Meet_The_Matts

BRIGANTINE, NJ – When your as idle as I am, I’m not sure using the word vacation is applicable, but that’s what I’m doing with my best girl and her crazy Irish family here in this quaint New Jersey ocean town. Sipping on beer, soaking up sun and listening to crashing waves is on the agenda for the next week, while we all wait for the return of some live sports to watch and critique. In the meantime, I’ll just ramble about what’s on my mind.

Cheesy_Bruin, Mets, Cespedes, Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, Rich Perlongo, Wilpon, Meet_The_Matts

There’s been a decent amount of chatter concerning A-Rod and J-Lo buying the New York Mets. It sounds like the pair are significantly short of the required capital. I was almost rooting for the couple with New York roots to assume ownership. NYC is a large Latino market and with A-Lo or J-Rod or whatever the high profile union is being called, it just seemed like a good fit trying to promote Mets beisbol. Rodriguez knows the game better than the Wilpons and who is better versed in entertainment than Jenny From The Block? If I was part of the Mets marketing department I’d have a J-Lo Inflatable Butt giveaway for women 21 and over.

Another thing about the Metsies… despite what Short Matt wrote yesterday, this team is jinxed the same way the J-E-T-S are. Every fifteen years an accident occurs where the Mets make a World Series; they were there in 2015, so we’ll wait until 2030 for their next appearance. Robinson Cano is another in a long line of terrible over- the-hill free agent signings, while all we hear is how good Yoenis Cespedes looks. The guy will slip on a banana peel and not even play a full truncated season. Trust me on this one. Then there’s Jake deGrom and the MRI of his back which should be a concern to all Metropolitan fans. Back problems fester and seldom go away (see David Wrightright). It’s troubling for a pitcher to experience a back ailment since follow through is reliant on these muscles in particular. No Syndergaard, deGrom on watch, an unproven Marcus Stroman and whoever else toes the rubber won’t be enough to get the team to the post-season. Let’s not forget that incendiary bullpen. What good is Dillon Betances if you can’t get to him? Pfft! Short Matt has really taken one too many shots to the head if he thinks this team is set for the next five years with a manager with zero MLB managerial experience to boot.

This is all I really got for today. Comment below and come back tomorrow for a guy that will be late for his own funeral, Junoir Blaber.

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