Bob Gibson, LeBron James, Big-Eared Managers in Major League Baseball

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“Why do I have to be an example for your kid? You be an example for your own kid.”Bob Gibson

NEW YORK, NY  – [Apologies to all, especially to Angry Ward, who posted a pinch-hit column. Due to an error, this posted this morning but for September 25th] Our crazy, wacky, wild, Topsy-turvy world turned upside-down… again. Our President stared #COVID-19 in the face, got it and is now sequestered. His challenger, previously criticized for being sequestered, is now out and about. Meanwhile in Major League Baseball, Big-Eared Managers are trending. We’ll get to that, LeBron James and the great Bob Gibson. Here we go.

 Big-Eared Managers

Maybe the cabin-fever has finally and fully taken its toll but I am noticing weird things. One such Hunter-Thompson/Timothy Leary-acid-trip observation is the size of the things hanging on some of these MLB skippers. Aaron Boone looks like a new J.R. Tolkien character, with big nose holes and pointy ears. (Yes, I’m perfect). Maybe Boonie and Stephen Strasburg are really cousins from Planet Pointy. But Donnie Baseball is not lacking in the size department [ahem], while Bobby Cox disciple, Brian Snitker (whose name I didn’t know until researching this important thread), is certainly no slouch. Big Ears Brian, is what they call him. They do. A little bit. NOTE: Tolkien had some open car doors on the sides of his head. Bing it.

Brian Snitker, Stephen Strasburg, Don Mattingly, Aaron Boone, Meet_The_Matts, Matt_McCarthy

After watching the ESPN special, The Decision, LeBron James’ one career hiccup –  the Jim Gray hosted one-hour “announcement” show when he was leaving the Cavs for Miami, I’m left wondering why people dislike this guy. He had one mistake. He was 25. He remedied the mistake by going back to Cleveland – voluntarily in the winter – and won a title. Check out the bookshelves for “Cleveland Sports Championships,” folks. It’s not a great selection. Anywho, I’m on board the LeBron steamship, as stated in these waters previously. Last night, he and Anthony Davis each had over 30 points. A feat not seen the NBA Finals since Shaq and Kobe did it. Now he’s on the verge of bringing the championship back to Los Angeles. Anyone remember two years, when the Lakers were putrid? The guy transforms franchises. It’s time you stopped the #Linsanity, stop comparing him to Michael Jordan and simply sit back and enjoy the last year or two of one of the Top Ten Greateast Athletes of All-Time.

LeBron James, The Decision, Jim Gray, Meet_The_Matts

Bob Gibson

Speaking of All-Timers, one of the best pitchers ever has followed fellow great Tom Seaver to Heaven’s starting rotation. Robert Gibson, aka Gibby and/or Hoot,  was played 17 seasons Cam James’ Red Birds. A man that loved providing “chin music” had tallied 251 wins, 3,117 strikeouts and a 2.91 ERA. Oh, and how about 255 Complete Games and a franchise-best 56 shutouts? And he joins fellow Cardinal Lou Brock in the clubhouse upstairs, as Brock passed away earlier this month. Rest in peace, Mr. Gibson.

That’s all for today. Feel free to opine, banter, bellow and blow… some steam… below. And be sure to come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin, who has great ears.

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