Sports Rain Man: Tom Brady Is Good, Buffalo Bills Need Help, Alabama = Duke

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday!  It’s late and I had to put both my kids back to sleep when I started to write. So before the window closes, here is today’s menu: Tom Brady Is good, Bills Need Help, Alabama = Duke.

NFL Playoffs

Buffalo Bills 24-38  Kansas City Chiefs 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-26 Green Bay Packers

Tom Brady

I guess this Tom Brady guy is pretty good. I know this sounds like a duh statement but it is not. For a long time, I downplayed how good he was and gave credit to Bill Belichick. I thought it was the scheme and yes, maybe he was clutch, but he only won because of Spy-Gate, Deflate-Gate and some other shenanigans. Hell, remember how well Matt Cassell looked that one season he was the #1 QB? It was clear proof that Brady was underrated. Then he goes to Tampa and they quickly build a team around him, by signing Rob Gronkowski, Leonard Fournette and Antonio Brown and now they are in the Super Bowl. I guess Tompa was the key ingredient all this time. Still not sure about the greatest of all time but he is a deserved all-time Great.

Buffalo Bills

I told friends that are Bills fans that it’s that hope that kills. I know the coach needs to go back to school and understand math and how 7 is more than 3 and you can’t beat the KC Chiefs by constantly kicking field goals. However, as I explained to my wife, in their heyday the Bills had Jim Kelly, Andre Reed and Thurman Thomas. But this Bills team has no Thermal to churn out yards. There are only so many plays you can call for Josh Allen to run. The Bills let aging running backs LeSean McCoy and Frank Gore go in back-to-back seasons, to bank on young Chris Singletary to be their guy. He is not up to it. They need to draft a RB in the first round. Then a tight end. Then a pass rusher. And with their 4th pick they should take another RB. I don’t know if they will keep my order, but they need to try and find their future RB by using 2 of their first 4 picks. If Short Matt’s UB Bulls & 8 touchdown-scoring running back, Jaret Patterson, makes himself eligible, they should take him, although he may be gone before then.

Alabama = Duke

I don’t know why this came into my mind, but I guess I started to think about the NFL Draft and the fact that Alabama are NCAA champs and a lot of Tide players are gonna get drafted. Then I started wondering how many of these high draft picks that are dominant with Alabama go on to be Pro Bowlers and then go on to be Super Bowl winners…

Meanwhile, Duke basketball is one of the best basketball programs in NCAA history but their only title winner is Danny Ferry in 2003, as a sub for the San Antonio Spurs. I can’t really think of any players with Alabama that went on to play big roles on Championship teams. maybe there was a unglamorous defender or lineman that I hadn’t heard of that went and got things done. But for the skill positions they have had no quarterback become a pro bowler in recent memory. Mark Ingram is a solid pro at RB but not the dominate RB that won the Heisman and no receiver that has even been as good as a DK Metcalf. College kids may want to think hard about joining The Tide and their future as pros.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney – your Tuesday Morning Quarterback.

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