Naughty Saints Cough Up COVID Cash, Cookie Crumbles, Deshaun Watson Law Suits

AUSTIN, TX – After calling last night’s Major League Rugby 2021 season opener, I’m a tad tired. A whirlwind week and a flight down here to The Land of NOVID, was/is a bit out the comfort zone. But some things outside the rugby realm actually caught my eye. Here they are: Naughty Saints Cough Up COVID Cash, Cookie Crumbles, Deshaun Watson Law Suits

Naughty Saints

This one will take the tandem of Ben Whitney and Cam James to breakdown whether it really means anything but the New Orleans Saints got their hands slammed in the COVID cookie jar. They are out a 6th round 2022 draft pick and $700,000.00 lighter in the pocket for their #COVID-19 violations. But really is that any real penalty or is is lip-service? Heck, the Raiders didn’t have to give up a pick, they just paid $800,000.00. C’mon.

Yogi Berra, Mets,, deja vu
Deja vu all over again.

Cookie Crumbles

Carlos “Cookie” Carrasco came down with the virus. No, not “The Rona.” Instead, Cookie contracted something no professional athlete wants to get…Acute Metsitis. It’s just deja vu all over again for us Mets fans, but it’s new dilemma for Cleveland import. Sure, the Mets medical staff is calling it a hamstring injury but we know better. Didn’t Jed Lowrie have a leg injury? Ugh. Make it stop. Please make it stop.

Deshaun Watson Law Suits

I have absolutely no intel or even rumor to go by, but the soon-to-be TWELVE lawsuits filed against Deshaun Watson smacks, ever so slightly, of front office shenanigans to keep their unhappy QB in Houston. Reading that back, it makes no sense. Maybe it’s just that I’m hoping the 12 women alleging inappropriate conduct and sexual assault isn’t true because I don’t want to see this talent wasted for being a turd. Great googly-moogly, hasn’t anyone learned that this stuff is unacceptable. Consent is a thing, gang. Here’s an idea, treat someone the way you’d want your mother or daughter treated. Jesus H.

That’s all for now, please comment below and come back tomorrow for the always-consenting Junoir Blaber.

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