The Real Sports Stories That Can’t Be Told: Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

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DENVER, CO – Now for something different, from Cam James…. The Real Sports Stories That Can’t Be Told

Friday before Memorial Day.  There are free porn sites that can’t even get clicks on a day like today.  This year it’s not just the beginning of summer. It is the ceremonial end to a years-long cluster *frog.  A cluster *frog that caused many to lose their lives and the remainder to void what little logic there was left in this world in favor of 31 Flavors of ignorant rhetoric.

For this reason, I am confident that no one is reading the words I am blathering right now.  The vast majority of the world is doing what should be done.  They are stuck in traffic on the way to a beach, a lake, a mountain, or Branson, Missouri.  This weekend is the most important non-religious long weekend this century.  Simply put, the world needs a break in the form of cheap beer and tube steaks.

Cam James

Since no one is reading, I can write about things that no one wants to read about.  I typically wouldn’t be able to get away with the aformentioned blather in the hyper restrictive emm tee emmm journalistic environment.  For that I am truly grateful for today.  The real sports stories that can’t be told are breathed back to life on a day like today.

March 22nd 1934.  Huntington Indiana.  Bonnie Seibold crawled out of her mothers womb on a day that would change the world forever.  Bonnie had a rare but appreciated talent.  She knew how to wrap a pole with a shoe.  Her shoe of choice wasn’t a loafer, or a pump, or a stiletto.  She tossed iron.  Bonnie won the Indiana State horseshoe championship fifteen times.  That is more hardware than LeBron and MJ combined.  On the international stage she finished top five in the world five times and tallied eighty one career tournament wins. In addition to her competitive nature on the pitch she dedicated her life to the growth of the sport.  In 1978 she became the NHPA Vice President.  She served the horseshoe pitching community for the next twenty eight years in that capacity.  Her dedication to the sport culminated in the greatest gift that could be given to the public… a multi-generational dynasty.

When most people think about parents and progeny competing they think of names like Griffey, Bonds, or Stadler.  I think of Bonnie and Mark Seibold.

Mark, son of Bonnie – became one of the greatest horseshoe pitchers in recorded history.  After winning six Indiana junior titles and two junior world championships, he graduated to the men’s division where he won a record 22 Indiana state titles, including 11 in a row from 1993 to 2003. He won a world championship in 1976, then added a second in 1979 when he compiled a perfect 31-0 record in the tournament. Qualifying for the world event 32 times, Mark ranks fifth in all-time world championship wins. He was inducted into the Indiana Hall of Fame in 1976 and the National Hall of Fame in 1984.

The ensuing generation has already received numerous accolades pitching iron and one grandson, Lee, is also a state champion bowler.

As a fan of leisure sport on a leisure day, I implore you to follow the next generation of Siebolds greatness as it unfurls gracefully in the form of spinning farm implements.  If you are still reading you must be on a company computer that blocks free porn.  For you, I am *frogging thankful.  Have a great holiday weekend.

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