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SOMEWHERE ON THE WEST COAST – I’m on the west coast and pretty much forgot about my MTM duties until Management started sending panicked texts and emails. Let’s see what I can throw together. How about some Jeff Van Gundy and Giants X 2 chat?

Jeff Van Gundy

One thing I did notice on out here is that JVG got in trouble for saying Devin Booker “looks like a choir boy but plays like a hoodlum.” Ryan Clark thoughtchoir boy” was code for light-skinned. Huh? I hate to be the one to tell him, but bro, Jeff Van Gundy is not freaking using code. It was a compliment. When someone calls a guy a “silent assassin” on the court, he doesn’t mean he’s actually murdering people. Ease up, Captain Literal. No one said “Booker is a hoodlum.” JVG just meant Booker a bad man on the court. Holy Hornacek. I have no idea why he got so much sh!t. Is there a list of words that announcers are just not allowed to use in any context anymore? Utter lunacy. The Democrats are going to be the minority party again real soon.


Ben Whitney

My cousins tell me the Giants have the best record in baseball. That can’t be true. I can maybe name 3 guys on that team.


And as for the other Giants back in New York, there sure is a lot of ball massaging of one Daniel Jones coming from the organization this offseason. I’m a huge sucker for preseason hype, but it’s starting a feel little forced:
“Do you think Jones will make the leap?”
“Yes, he has all the intangibles and has really put the work in.”
“Yeah but do you think that will translate into…”

Anyway, that’s it. Feel free to comment below with something better.

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