Big Ben: 10 Way Too Early Overreactions After One Preseason Game – Justin Fields, Zach Wilson, Jordan Love

STAMFORD, CT – Now that every team has played a game, I think I’ve got it all figured out. It’s time for 10 Knee-Jerk Overreactions From NFL Pre-Season Week 1.

Had Dave Gettleman not gotten cancer, the Giants probably would have fired him. Had they fired him, the new GM might not have been so keen on Daniel Jones and might have taken Justin Fields. I’m not sure Joe Montana could play behind this Giants offensive line, but it sure looks like Fields has got the goods to be a start in this league. Another reason why cancer sucks.

Speaking of Fields, when asked about the speed of the NFL game he said, “It was actually kind of slow to me to be honest.” Reel it in, big man. When you get LeBron’s attention, you might be headed for big things.

Getting the extra pick was nice, but I reckon the Giants would swap Kadarius Toney with Rashawn Slater or Alijah Vera-Tucker in a Tiki Barber minute right about now. Toney is looking like a gadget player who needs a lot of seasoning and has some injury concerns and other red flags. When was the last time the Giants nailed their first round pick. It’s been a while.

Speaking of lineman, I think the Bungles will regret passing on Penei Sewell. Sure, Burrow was probably begging for hi guy Chase. But Sewell is supposed to be a great one and Joe got Burrowed into the ground quite a bit last year. And oh by the way, the Bengals have pretty good receivers. It’s not sexy, but you build from the trenches.

Guy is making me nervous (Courtesy of NY Giants)

I thought Zach Wilson looked fairly capable, but completing 6 passes for 63 yards against the Giants fifth string defense is probably not going to put him in Canton just yet. This is a column about getting ahead of ourselves, but not that far.

One of the most intriguing story lines is the QB battle between Jameis Winston and Taysum Hill. On one hand you have an excellent thrower, who doesn’t always throw it to the right team. On the other side you have a runner who isn’t the most polished thrower. That’s gonna be a tough call for Sean Payton. My money is on a rotation of some kind. It’s a total Payton move.

Trey Lance lived up to his billing, showing talent but inconsistency. The Niners trading up to take him is still befuddling. They gave up their next two first rounders to move up nine spots. I’ll bet they wish they only gave up one first rounder to move into the Giants’ spot and took Fields. I know, shut up about Fields! But the Niners have a mature roster. Why mortgage the farm to take the project?

Rodgers after getting benched

I think Jordan Love is going to beat out Aaron Rodgers for the starting gig. I’m of course kidding, but I would love to see the smoke pouring out of Rodger’s ears in the interview after that happened. But maybe the Packers will transition seamlessly to Love next year and we’ll all look stupid. Could happen.

I need one more. Trevor Lawrence? Yawn, he’ll be fine. Have a mentioned I like Fields? I think this first round QB class of Lawrence, Wilson, Lance, Fields, and Jones will be better than the 2018 class of Mayfield, Darnold, Allen, Rosen, and Jackson class. What do you think?

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