This One’s About Rugby…

Is Johnathan Wicklow Barberie faster than Carlin Isles!?

CORNHOLE, IOWA – It’s not like we’re talkin’ rugby (not the game with the sticks) because Different Matt was too distraught to take the ball after his Stanks turned a Field of Dreams into a Field of Nightmares, losing to Grinding Ax’s ChiSox in front of a global audience. We know it wasn’t anything about the NY Rangers, as he was cautiously optimistic about their moves thus far. Anywho, here we are with a need to entertain and keeping in mind that Different Matt plays rugby, as well as ice hockey, why not force-feed you something you don’t want to see? Just think of it as Jeurys Familia entering a game with a 4-1 lead against the sh!tt!st team in baseball.

Keep an open mind and click:

-The 4th season of Major League Rugby just had a rousing conclusion at the L.A. Coliseum.

Rugby was in the Tokyo Olympic Games. Men and Women…
-The Club National 7s (a faster, abbreviated version of the 15 vs 15 code) is this weekend. This segment combines both.

Kids are now playing rugby and have a pathway to the pros. Here’s on great story.

Gambling is HUGE in rugby and Short Matt has the longest tenured #WWE Champ, John Bradshaw Layfield, the best sports better bettor since Jimmy The Greek – the Philly Godfather and the Yogi Berra of Rugby, Gift Egbelu, doing a show for those that don’t gamble and don’t know rugby… but might be interested.

If you are still here please feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for Cam James. And any complaints should be directed at Different Matt.

P.s… Here’s an appropriately quick one with the quickest man in rugby:

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