Big Ben Tuesday: Packers on MNF, Yankees Holding on by a Thin Thread, Residual Giants’ Anger

Stamford, CT: So I’m enjoying some Monday Night Football, sucking down my second bourbon, but something was nagging at me. Woah, it’s Monday, I better write something. How about a little Packers, Yankees, and residual Giants’ anger. 

The Rodgers’ Rate

I though the Green Bay loss to New Orleans was probably just an aberration. Then I saw the State Farm commercials and Rodgers pretending to be a musician to see if he could get the Rodgers’ Rate. Uh oh. Even Peyton Manning thinks those commercials are corny. But whatever happens in this game tonight, there are some flashing red flags for the Packers. I definitely DID NOT pick them to win the Super Bowl. That was Junoir.

Great pick. Let’s give it back as fast as possible.

Something doesn’t look right. Offensive line issues, a new retread D coordinator who defenses have always sucked, and some bad A-Rodg body language. Look for Rodgers to land on the Colts next year and Carson Wentz to never start in the NFL again. The Packers will probably win this game by 30 now.

Maybe we underestimated the Lions and Goff a bit, though. They showed big fight in coming back to make it a game vs the Niners and they are not going to be as bad as we thought.

UnderOver Estimated

Who else might we have underestimated? Sam Darnold and the Panthers. Derek Carr and the Raiders. Teddy Bridgewater and the Broncos. Tyrod Taylor and the Texans.

Who else might we have overestimated? How about the Steelers (the Bills win was kinda fluky), Colts, and Dolphins.

New set up man?

Rough Sunday for the Rookie QB

I  still think this is going to be an excellent QB class, but Sunday was a rough one for the rooks. Lawrence, Wilson, and Fields were 39 for 79, for 388 yards, with 1 TD and 6 Ints. Yikes. Mac Jones did okay.

Hanging on by a Thread in the Bronx

SO what else is on? Oh the Yankees are asking for 14 outs from a parade of mediocre relievers. Again. The Yankees are trying to protect a one run lead while leaving two men on every inning. Was this the formula?

This Rangers series is a must sweep, with the three remaining series are @ Boston, @ Toronto, and home vs Tampa. If they get in, it won’t be by the back door.

Rough day for this heartthrob

Giants’ Anger

There was a lot to make you furious in the Giants’ loss to the WFT. First on that list is obviously the Giants’ horrendous play calling on the “drive” after Bradberry’s interception that took 11 seconds off the clock. 11 seconds on 4 plays. That doesn’t even seem possible. But the sequence is the first half where they had the ball in FG range up 7-0 was pretty bad too.

Third down and short and they called a time out. No problem, get organized and get the first. But then after the time out they had a delay of game (technically called a false start but the play clock was at 0). Then they took a sack that took them out of FG range and punted.

How do you have a delay of game after a time out? This game was a cavalcade of bad coaching and bad penalties, robbing Daniel Jones of a win in the best game he’s played in ages. I shouldn’t have written this, now I’m angry again.

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