What Are The New York Yankees Waiting For?

Who cares about the Mets' injuries?!

We lost Trevor Herrick yesterday. He was Replacement Matt, Dude and our brother. He’d be pissed if we didn’t continue doing what we do here, though. So… Give someone a hug today in his name and let’s get back to what he absolutely loved – sports talk.

SPANISH HARLEM – Its hard not to be excited if your a New York Mets fan. Steve Cohen is doing everything in his power to build a competitive team in Queens and even without a manager, you can sense the tide changing for the whole organization. Now the question remains with the other New York baseball team… What are the Yankees waiting for?

It wasn’t so long ago that if the Yanks wanted a player, nothing would stand in their way. They paid the highest salaries and secured some very big names during that time, but that doesn’t seem to be the franchise’s choice anymore. It’s quite disappointing and whoever tells me otherwise, just doesn’t know how it feels to be a Yankees fan. Sure, they paid Gerrit Cole a boat load of money but who else have they signed that made an impact?

Buddy Diaz

Giancarlo Stanton is the other money maker on the team but he was traded for, with salary coming from the Florida Marlins to assist with the mega contract that he received. Maybe Aaron Judge will get a big contract one day but he is home grown and will continue to be a Yankee for the foreseeable future. If it sounds like I’m complaining, its because I am.  Why wouldn’t I be?

The Yankees have a lot of holes fill and by the looks of things, there won’t be any big names left as we approach the lock out. Guys like Carlos Correa and Trevor Story are still available but there is a reason for that. Story is considered the lesser of the bunch and Correa is looking for a big contract. It really showed when the Detroit Tigers signed Javy Baez instead of Correa, though they could pull a Texas Rangers and sign both. Wouldn’t that be swell for the Yankees?

Freddie Freeman is another name you here being discussed but with the way Brian Cashman has played the long game in the past, do you really think they will sign Freeman? I sure don’t and that’s not saying that I wouldn’t mind settling for Anthony Rizzo either but will he be available when the Yankees decide to make a move. Trades have also been rumored but this team has more holes than they have top prospects.

Before Short Matt tells me to shut up with my complaining, I will end with this. Something needs to happen soon to give the fans something to hope for. It could end up great but right now i just don’t see it and that’s the problem.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for more content with Cam James.

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