Some Baseball, Ben Simmons, NBA All-Star Game Weekend

Can Ben Simmons look to A-Rod as a guiding light in NY?

SPANISH HARLEM – As I sit here and watching the New York Knicks play the Brooklyn Nets, two things come instantly come to mind and I will address them below before I do, I have to say: It really sucks that I can’t write about baseball. Usually by now you would see a couple stories on this site about the Mets and Yankees. This lockout needs to end soon, so we can get more sports and more games to complain about.

Anyhow, back to the NBA.

Ben Simmons

I said it last week that this would be weird and it is. Seeing Simmons on an NBA bench shows how much he wanted out of Philadelphia, especially when you consider he wouldn’t practice with teammates but now he is mentally well in enough to come to games. I hated everything about his situation; you get paid a lot of money to play at the highest level but you quit on your team and your city because some of them hurt your feelings.

I not here to make light of mental health issues – as someone who majored in psychology – but how have those issues gotten better as soon as you were traded? I think it’s a fair question to ask and I hope he answers it one day. What makes matters worse is that the New York media is just as bad – if not worse – than those in Philly.

The NBA All-Star Game

Buddy Diaz

While watching the game I was reminded that the NBA All-Star weekend is around the corner. I enjoy All-Star games because it gives you the opportunity to see some players that you don’t to see often on TV. I know they don’t play hard until the last minutes of the 4th quarter and that’s if the game is close but the festivities are fun. The Rookie’s Game is cool. It’s a good time picking the guys you think will make the jump and the ones that will stink in the future. The 3-point shooting contest and Slam Dunk event are still good fillers, especially when nothing else is on. I guess I’m sucka for that stuff.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Cam James, if he’s sober enough.

Until next time…

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