Sports Rain Man Special: Super Bowl Saturday, Serious Matt, Greatest Sports Weekend Ever?

Short Matt transitioning into Serious Matt.
Junoir Blaber

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy SaturdayThe Bat Signal went up and yours truly answered in a flash. I pulled together stuff from the five corners of sports and here is today’s menu:  Super Bowl Saturday, Serious Matt, Greatest Sports Weekend Ever?  

Super Bowl Saturday: Every time Super Bowl Sunday comes around, my mind goes back to this old debate at MTM. Why isn’t the Super Bowl on Saturday? We all know how hard it is to go to a big party and then wake up for work the next day. So, now here you are at 8am with your stomach still pretty full from the night before and tired from staying up late – no to mention hung-over – and you are at work. In fact, I remember going to work one Super Bowl Monday and asking the boss, “What is the plan for today?” He answered, “Nothing, you made it in the day after the Super Bowl, that’s good enough to me.” Just let me stay home and relax then.

Serious Matt/Short Matt: If you have time this weekend, go to at 4pm to hear Short Matt call the San Diego vs Dallas in Major League Rugby action. This is funny because you maybe use to seeing Short Matt like the video above but when his alter ego @MattMcCarthy00 takes over, it fun and funny to watch. You can Jekyll turning into Hyde, if Jekyll was the class clown and Hyde was a serious sports play-by-play guy. Maybe I should have said Hyde turning into Jekyll but ya get the point. Check it out for a few minutes and reply in the comments which is your favorite Short Matt.

The Greatest Sports Weekend Ever: This is a big claim but as a guy that follows 6 major sports, I am confident of it. You have the special sports spectacular that is the Winter Olympics. I am not the biggest Winter Games fan but there are definitely some events worth watching – like prelims hockey… Then you have the aforementioned Super Bowl… You also have the NBA and the NHL in full swing… Hell, the Knicks beat the Warriors the other night. If that isn’t enough, you have MLR rugby and international rugby with the  6 Nations; a battle between England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy… Add to that a dash of European soccer, which for me is the English Premiership – and there you have it. I won’t be able to watch all because my kids own the TV and it will likely be cartoons and cartoon musicals for me unless they are sleeping. But when they do sleep, boy do I have options!!

Grinding Ax Walt is up tomorrow, and he will probably be making some special dish, as well as giving ideas on who to bet on for tomorrow’s Big Game.

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