Thoughts On: Tyreek Hill Trade, Aaron Judge Money Demands, Carlos Correa Deal

SPANISH HARLEM – Lately, I have been having a hard time trying to find things to write about here. There are times when you have to search extensively for something interesting. Lucky for me, today is not one of those times. I already had two things on my mind when one just fell on my lap, so I won’t waste your time any longer. Here are the headline topics: Thoughts On: Tyreek Hill Trade, Aaron Judge Money Demands, Carlos Correa Deal

Tyreek Hill

This came out of nowhere, didn’t it? One minute your on the Kansas City Chiefs and the next minute you playing for the Miami Dolphins. That’s the way this offseason has gone for the NFL. It’s so easy now to get traded because all you have to do is ask in the right way. Sure, money plays a part in this and only time will tell what the Chiefs offered Hill to stay but it must not have been enough. You have guys who aren’t in the same circle of an athlete, making bank at the wide receiver position, so it’s only figures that he would want to make more. What really gets me is how teams are just moving so fast to trade. Seems like they don’t even try to rebuild their relationship with their own players.

Aaron Judge

Okay, so Judge hasn’t technically asked for more money… but he also hasn’t accepted the arbitration-avoiding offer. I fully expect the the New York Yankees will pony up the dough needed to get a contract done because nobody wants to be the guy that talks bad about the leader of this team. Arbitration can get really ugly between players and teams, though, and I don’t think that Brian Cashman wants to go down that road with A-Jud. He deserves to get as much as he can because when he is healthy, he is one of the best players in baseball. Let’s get this deal done!

Carlos Correa

Buddy Diaz

I was as surprised as anyone when I saw that he would be signing with the Minnesota Twins. (in purple to remind Angry Ward & JG Clancy of Kirk Cousins and the Vikings). Fans complaining that we helped the Twins by dealing for Josh Donaldson & company are half right. If the Yankees wanted Correa, he would be a Yankee. It’s as simple as that. Yes, in some ways we helped Minnesota free up money to get this deal done but that wasn’t the main reason he didn’t come to New York. I believe paying the luxury tax is a big issue for the Yankees. Owners hate to give away money and in this case, they care more about that than fielding the best team possible.

That’s it for now. Come back tomorrow for the short-straw loser between Different Matt and Cam James.

Until next time…

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