A Tale Of Two Gallo’s. Dickensian Take on the New York Yankees

BRONX, NY – On April 7, 1972 at around 4:30AM a “natural” death took place, as mobster Crazy Joe Gallo was riddled with bullets. The hit took place in Little Italy’s Umberto’s Clam House, while Gallo was celebrating the back end of his 43rd birthday. Earlier that evening Gallo and his family were at the Copacabana, where another incident happened in 1957 involving several Yankees players defending entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. That story is for another day.

On this night in 1972, comedian Don Rickles was performing along with singer Peter Lemongello, who has a cousin named Mark who pitched for the Houston Astros and Toronto Blue Jays. Gallo was so entertained by both Rickles and Lemongello that he invited them to Umberto’s for the end of his birthday celebration. They both politely declined.

Fifty years later the month of April has come to a close, and Yankees outfielder Joey Gallo, no relation to the mobster, is involved in a different type of hit, or should I say, he’s not involved.

Gallo finished the month batting .180, 11 hits in 61 ABs, with 2 home runs, including 29 strikeouts. The hitmen who shot Crazy Joe made more contact than the Yankees so-called slugger. [Ba. Doom. Cha.]

What’s saving Gallo from being benched or released? The Yankees have a winning record. He always makes his way into the ANALytically written lineup and has gotten more chances than a Yankee from the past named Clint Frazier.

What exactly are the Yankees hoping to get out of Gallo? This is his eighth season in the big leagues and what we’re seeing is basically what we’re getting.

During his seasons with the Texas Rangers, Gallo had a 100 hit season only once. He had two 40-homer seasons, but never drove in 100 runs. His lifetime B.A. is .202 with plenty of strikeouts.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

Those geeks that make up the lineup for manager Aaron Boone, have to turn off their computers every now and then and watch the game with their eyes. I know it wasn’t Boone who had Gallo batting cleanup in that one and done wild card game vs. the Red Sox in 2021. The organization they work for doesn’t officially start the season until October. If those geeks are watching Joey Gallo still struggling through September, then they need to send him to Umberto’s Clam House for an early morning snack.

I’ll clam up now and listen to your thoughts. [Cue joke drum]

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