NHL Snow Job, Yankees’ Bubble, Mets Moxie

NEW YORK, NY – As I ready to sit in traffic in Big Ben Whitney’s Connecticut, trying to get to the Major League Rugby Eastern Conference Final between the New England Free Jacks and Rugby NY, the joy of “punditing” TM has us here together again. With that, let’s “punditize” TM with these topics: NHL Snow Job, Yankees Bubble’, Mets Moxie

NHL Snow Job

The Colorado Avalanche are two things:
1) Frighteningly good
2) They should be in Quebec, but for the worst NHL Snow Job ever.

#1 is obvious. #2 may need some explaining. In the interest of keeping this concise/succinct, let’s just say the NHL was a tad disingenuous in allowing the Quebec Nordiques be sold to investors from Denver. This came AFTER they fleeced Philadelphia for the rights to Eric Lindros. This trade was like that of Herschel Walker going from Dallas to Minnesota. To this day, mere mention of that deal has Angry Ward twitching. Quebec fans, still giddy from that trade’s huge haul, were then given even more: the gift of Patrick Roy. In a momentary lapse of reason, the Montreal Canadiens let God’s Goalie go. Surely, this team would bring the Cup back to Canada! Mais non! The NHL decided they couldn’t make enough loonies in Quebec, so they shipped them to Denver in ’95. Guess what? The Avalanche won the Cup in their first season. Mon dieu!!!¬† Hypocritically, however, the NHL had already started its move to bring teams back to small-town Canada in ’92. Hello, Ottawa! Then came Winnipeg Part Deux in 2011. Quebec will be next. Watch. What a snow job.

Yankees’ Bubble

Like Drago in Rocky, this Murderer’s Row is going to pop. It’s just a matter of when. The big biceps tear, the odd oblique, the unhappy hammy, the shaky shoulder… It’s not if. It’s when. It is going to happen.

That segues perfectly to…

Mets Moxie

Confused Matt

This is the only slogan the Mets haven’t used to date, it seems. But Jesus H. Chr!st these guys are resilient and unflappable. It’s almost as if they don’t know they are Mets. They get behind, look to be left for dead, and battle back. They scrap. They battle. They execute. They¬† are doing it despite Buck Showalter egregiously mishandling the pitching staff… Admittedly, I have thrown in the towel no less than ten times this year, citing the inevitable collapse. We’re in mid-June and it hasn’t happened. Sure, they are beating up on some crappy teams in the NL East, but they’ve had the life sucked out of them by sh!ttier teams in the past. This success has left me confused.

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